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RRE's 1G Eclipse Upgrade Path

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EVO Tech Tips: 

EVO 8 Fuel Pump Flow Rates   EVO 8 Fuel Pump Dual Circuit Info
EVO 8 ECU Pinout Diagram   EVO 8 Vehicle and Corner Weights

Eclipse Tech Tips:  

1G MAS Modifications   2G  Head  Swap to 1st Generation Head
2G MAS Modifications   2G Throttle Body- Swap to 60mm 1G Throttle Body
Stiffer Motor Mounts   Buying Used Japanese Engines and Transmissions
AFC Tech Tips   95-99 Eclipse Crankshaft Problems (Walking Crankshafts)
AFC Settings   1G Motor in a 2G

Flywheel Step Info     RRE Lightened Flywheel Info     Clutch Adjustment Tips and Issues


Eclipse Tech Info:

Quaife Limited Slip Differential Information   Denso In Tank Fuel Pump Flow Rates and Tips
7cm Turbo Exhaust Gasket Info   Additional Fuel Pump Flow Charts
Building a 3" 1G AWD Exhaust RRE SS Turbo Oil Supply Line
Mitsubishi Motor Applications           Jumper's 2G Griffin I/C Install 
GReddy Gauge Install Info Fake 3" Exhaust systems
DSM Corner Weights   16G "Killer" Impressions
Mathematical Spring Rating Formula 4G63 Cam Install Info
Clutch Pressures/ Pedal Effort Beading I/C Pipes
11 Second 2G GSX Story JIC Coil Over Suspension Info


Install Instructions

RRE VDO Boost Gauge Instructions   RRE Griffin/Spearco 1G FMIC Kit Install
K&N Breather Filter Instructions   RRE 2G Additional Upper Intercooler Pipe
RRE Breather / Catch Can Instructions   RRE 2G I/C Pipe Installation Instructions
GReddy Catch Can Instructions   Zeitronix A/F Ratio Meter Instructions
B&M Edge Short Shifter Instructions (2G)           Energy Motor Mount Insert Instructions
B&M Command Flow FPR Instructions   RRE 2G SS Clutch Line Instructions
B&M FPR Gauge Instructions AEM Big Brakes on a 1G 


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Eclipse New Products

Eclipse Engine Parts 
    Web Cam Info

Eclipse Turbo Upgrades

     2G 16G Install Kit Info
     TiAL External Wastegates

Eclipse Ignition Upgrades

Eclipse Intake Upgrades 

Eclipse Exhaust Upgrades

Eclipse Fuel Delivery Upgrades

Eclipse Gauges

     GReddy Electronic Gauges

Eclipse Safety Equipment 

Eclipse Brakes
     AEM Brake Info

Eclipse Drive train

Eclipse Suspension Upgrades

Synthetic Fluids

RRE License Plate Frame and DSM Personalized Plates

Carbon Fiber Products

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Over Stock and Used Stuff

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323 GTX Index 

Feb. 2006 Note: About the only thing harder to find these days than 323 GTX parts to keep in stock is 323 GTX customers to buy them. As a result of this problem, we are sad to say we will be discontinuing our normal stock of 323 GTX parts. We will continue to maintain these vintage pages as a service and for general interest. There is a lot of good information buried in them. All 323 GTX specific parts that we have in stock will be listed on our Garage Sale page until they are sold out. Once again we apologize. We will still attempt to provide some limited tech support. The new kids on the phone here have scarcely seen a GTX in the last few years though :-P

Road Race Engineering's Garage Sale Page

323 GTX Tech Tips  

MX-6  I/C Install on a 323 GTX 

323 GTX Bosch BOV Install Instructions

323 GTX Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Used Japanese Engines and

323 GTX Magazine Articles 

The Big Jump - Flying GTX Story

SCC Magazine - From the Cockpit - GTX Rally Car

323 GTX Buyers Guide

SCC MAgazine Project 323 GTX Part 1

SCC Magazine Project 323 GTX Part 2

323 GTX Parts

88-89 323 GTX Parts Description 

323 Engine Performance Prices 

323 GTX Gauges, Brakes, and Misc

323 GTX Suspension and Drive Train 



Mazda Suitcase Car

MX Missile - Supercharged Mazda MX-6 

Subaru Impreza WRX 22B 

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