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NGK Plug Wires
These blue 7mm diameter NGK variable pitch wires are manufactured specifically for the Mitsubishi 2 liter twin-cam engine. They offer less resistance than OEM wires, allowing more spark to travel to the plugs, where it can do the most good. They also feature a blue silicone jacket for excellent protection and long life.

'89-'94 Turbo and Non Turbo $ 45
'95-'99 Turbo                           $ 55


NGK Racing Spark Plugs (set of 4)

$ 10  Please Specify heat range

and resister or non resister

Colder plugs will retain less heat between combustion cycles, thereby reducing the tendency toward damaging detonation elevated boost levels.  Spark plug gap should be set at .030" for up to 16psi boost. Set at .028" for 17psi and up. 

BPR7ES - $10 (set of 4)
BPR8ES - $12 (set of 4)
BP9ES - $12 (set of 4)

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