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Factory Big Brake Upgrades

Fits all FWD turbo and non turbo '89-99 & AWDs from '89-92 (mfg date of 5/92). Kit increases rotor diameter from 255mm to 275mm. Calipers are dual piston instead of single piston.  Fits some 15" and all 16" wheels. Kit is for the front only. Your rear brakes are fine, the more brake you put on the front the less you need on the rear.
With stock style pads and rotors $ 485
With Metal Master pads and Power Slot rotors (recommended) $580
With carbon/Kevlar pads, Power Slot rotors 1 liter of Motul 600 racing brake fluid $ 660

Porterfield Carbon/Kevlar Brake Pads

The R4-S street compound has a low wear rate & rotor friendly with a high friction level through all temperature ranges. Actual grip isn't a lot more than most sporty pads but they can maintain that grip when hot. Good for spirited canyon runs, autocrossing, some track days. If you are heat fading semi-metallic pads, these will help. Features built-in ceramic heat shield between backing plate and friction material.

We also offer the R4-E compound for time trials, open track days, road racing and Pro Rally. They eat the rotors, but not so bad as to keep me from them on my street car. What can I say, you get spoiled. They squeak like mad and eat one rotor per 2-3 pad changes if you leave them in all the time. But they stop the car now. Once they warm up, pure magic, cold, stopping is similar to a Metal Master pad. Most of our track customers put R4-Es in for the race weekend only and switch back to Metal Master pads for day to day use. We do carry the R-4 compound, it does not handle the high heat that the R4-E can. We have run R4-Es on rotors glowing so bright that you could see them glowing in the day light. The car still stopped... right up until the seals melted out of the caliper. The R4-Es still held together.


Front Pads


Front Pads




'90-92 AWD 484 $78 $150 $150
'93-94 AWD 530 $99 $150 $150
'90-94 FWD (Stock Brakes) 484 $78 $150 $150
'95-99 AWD 530 $99 $150 $150
'95-99 FWD (Stock Brakes) 484 $78 $150 $150
GVR-4 All 530 $99 $150 $150
FWD Cars With AWD (Big) Brakes 530 $99 $150 $150

Rear Pads

89-94 All 329 $62 $98 $98
 Late 95-99 All 383 $62 $116 $116
2G AWD Jan 94-Oct 94 production date
(With vented rear rotors)
532 $62 $116 $116

Metal Master Semi-Metallic Brake Pads


For more stopping power, ditch those wimpy factory pads and switch to the Metal Master semi-metallic brake pads. They can operate at a higher temperature than the stock pads and take more abuse from repeated high speed stops. These pads are the best value for all around street performance.

* For the rear pads on 2G AWDs with production dates between 01/'94 and 10/'94  please double check and make sure you have the rear vented rotors.

Application Chart


Front Pads

Rear Pads

'90-92 AWD



'93-94 AWD



'90-94 FWD (Stock Brakes)



'95-99 AWD



'95-99 FWD (Stock Brakes)



GVR-4 All



FWD Cars With AWD (Big) Brakes



2G AWD Jan 94-Oct 94 production date
(With vented rear rotors)



*530 Metal Master is currently back order. We do not have a ETA.

RRE Slotted Rotors

These stock size high quality rotors are CNC milled in a directional pattern. The slots are then radiused and the rotors are balanced. The slotting helps reduce brake fade by getting rid of hot gasses between the brake pad and rotor. Braking in wet conditions is also improved. The rotors are silver cadmium plated to stay looking good longer.

Front AWD '90-92  $150pr
Front AWD '93-99 and cars with "Big Brake conversion" $190pr

Front FWD '89-99

All Rear 1G '89-94 $150pr
Rear 2G  95-99
(Will not fit 2G AWD cars made from 1/94 through 10/94, check your production date!!)

Rear 2G Early AWD W/Vented Rear Rotors
(For 2G AWD cars made from 1/94 though 10/94, check your production date!)


Braided Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit

'89-94 $ 115

8 lines

'95-99 $ 85

4 lines
To improve the feel of your brakes during high-performance driving, install a set of our competition steel braided brake lines. By resisting flex common in standard rubber lines, braided lines provide a firmer pedal for more positive control under extreme conditions. Our lines come complete with all necessary fittings and are designed to work with the factory calipers. For all the mother loving, bed wetting sissies that have been disturbed that your wise government thought they were unsafe, well, they are now DOT approved. Now they are both good enough for our SCCA pro Rally cars flying down a gravel road at night with 400hp with trees on one side and a 500 ft drop off on the other, and for driving to the grocery store with them.

Adapter Brake Lines

1G With 2G Style front Brakes $135 8 Lines
2G With 1G/3000GT Style Front Brakes $105  4 Lines
So you went shopping for big brake calipers on E-Bay and ended up with the wrong calipers? We have brake lines that will allow you to fit them on. They are custom so they cost a bit more than the normal kits we offer.


Stoptech 600 Brake Fluid

A total of one liter will flush and bleed most systems.

$19/ Half Liter


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