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RRE Camber Plates and Upper Bearing Plates

These camber plates are best used for cars running 2.5" diameter coil over springs. While we do offer them set up for use with stock diameter springs and stock upper spring perches, you will loose most of the possible negative camber adjustment because the bigger diameter spring will hit the inner strut apron. 

They are best for guys that need a lot of negative camber and change and adjust camber often. Every time you change camber, you will need to reset the toe in adjustment. Because of this, ideally you will have a grasp of automotive wheel alignment methods and have something to measure camber with. Something as simple as a carpenter's protractor will do it. 

While they can be used to fix negative camber caused by a car being stupid low, that is not their purpose. We'd like to see these going on cars that get autocrossed and go to time trials and open tracking days. 

A nice feature of our camber plates is that when used with coil over springs, they separate the shock load from the spring loads. Most camber plates will put both loads into the spherical bearing, severely shortening it's service life. We separate the spring load onto a flat radial bearing. All of the camber plate parts are available separately for service and repair.  

Prices Pics and Specifications

1gco-set.jpg (16562 bytes)

mirage-stk.jpg (16117 bytes)

2gfront.jpg (14914 bytes)

Road/Race Front Upper Strut Tower Stress Bar  
7/8" dia. powder coated steel construction.  

$99  Fits '95-99 Turbo models 


KYO-EI  Billet Wheel Spacers.
Nothing special other than they are billet aluminum wheel spacers. 4 or 5 holes configuration with a PCD 98~114.3. Note these are not "hub-centric" and we don't recommend running anything thicker than 10mm regardless of longer and stronger wheels studs.  

8mm Thick $15/pair

10mm Thick $15/pair


Road/Race Rear Strut Tower Stress Bar

7/8" diameter powder coated steel construction. Charcoal gray metallic color. For the 2G bar the shock access covers need to be cut. For the 1G bars the interior trim panel needs to be cut.
T/E/L '89-'94 $ 89 
'95-'99 $ 89 
GVR-4  $ 89

Road/Race Front Lower Stress Bar

Powder coated steel tubing. Ties the lower control arms together.

'89-94 AWD Braced well from the factory and is not needed.

'89-94  FWD $109
'95-99 Turbo $ 79
'95-99  NT $ 79


KYB AGX Adjustable Struts and Shocks 

The new AGX series are the most affordable adjustable shock to fit your Eclipse. KYB's quality is top notch. The AGX shocks allow you to  tune your shocks to match driving conditions in seconds. No need to lift vehicle or remove anything to change settings. Damping rate is selected with an external knob on the shock body or a screwdriver slot at the top of the piston rod, depending on model. Lifetime warranty by KYB.

$525 set of four '89-94

$450 set of four '95-99 


Tokico Illumina 5 Way Adjustable Shocks 

These are our favorite for the 2G Eclipses. They are less harsh than the GABs or AGXs and more adjustable than the Konis. There is a 5 way adjustment at the top of the shock for both the front and rear shock for convenience. Turing the adjuster stiffens up both compression and rebound damping. Eclipse and Talon. Guaranteed by Tokico as long as you own your car.

They are available only for the '95-'99 $550 Set of four



KYB GR-2 Gas Shocks & Struts

KYB makes the factory suspension for the Eclipse, and these shocks are a great replacement value. These are a tiny bit stiffer than stock; definitely not a sports shock. 

$280 Set of 4. '89-'94
Set of 4 '94-'99


Eibach Pro Kit Springs

We strongly recommend purchasing a quality shock absorber along with these springs. They are approximately 20% stiffer than stock. The purpose of the shock is to control the spring energy. Get more spring & you need more shock. If you are on a budget and can't afford both, get shocks only for better handling. If your only purpose is to get all the chicks & look cool with a lousy ride, get springs only.

$230 Set of 4 2G FWD Stock Height [Pic]
2G FWD Eibach Pro Kit; [Pic]
Sport Line pic, too low for our taste but looks cool. Rides bad and you have to slow down for everything 2G FWD Sport Line [Pic]


suspensiontesting.jpg (5271 bytes)suspensiontest2.jpg (5443 bytes)jumpreg.JPG (34660 bytes)


2G Camber Correction

Most tire wear problems are caused by not having an alignment performed after changing the height of the car. As the tie rods travel through an arc with any height change, the toe in of the tires change. This must always be re-adjusted with any height change. Most guys see the camber being negative and think that is the major cause of the excess wear on the inside tires. It is actually caused by the tires toeing out when the car is lowered. This will clean the tread off the inside of the tire faster than anything. 

2G Rear Camber Correction Kits  '95-'99

The rear kits are spacers and longer bolts that spaces the upper rear control arm out from the body to correct about +2 degrees. They are set up to correct for the amount of lowering you would get with the Eibach Pro-Kit springs. If additional washers are used, you can get a little more positive.

$40 for the entire rear of the car.



Suspension Techniques Rear Sway Bar

'89-'94 $160 '89-'94 Diameter $160


Energy Suspension Bushing Kits

These urethane bushings are stiffer than stock rubber bushings. They significantly reduce wheel hop and alignment changes under cornering stresses. While they can be quite affordable to buy, be careful what you wish for. They can be a major pain to install. They often require pressing or heating with a torch to remove the original bushings. Some of the bushings can be very difficult to get to. OK, now that we warned you, they do work. We use them on all our race cars and our own street cars, well worth the work.

'89-94 Bushings


'95-99 Bushings

Front Lower Control Arm Bushings $45  Front Control Arms Bushings [Pic] $45
Front Sway Bar Bushings $13  Rear Control Arms Bushings $90
Front Sub frame Bushings $38  Sway Bar Bushings (Front or Rear) $9
Rear Control Arm Bushings  AWD $38 Front Upper Shock Bushings $14
Rear Control Arm Bushings FWD $29 Rear Upper Shock Bushings $14
Rear Sway Bar Bushings AWD only $19

Full Kit Price

Rear Track Arm Bushings FWD only $15
Full Kit Price FWD $125
AWD $135


All Years

Motor Mount Inserts  1G, Front mount only. 2G includes front and rear inserts. $23

Gear Shifter Stabilizer Bushings (to floor) 1G 1990 Only  

 (1991-1994 NLA)

Gear Shifter Stabilizer Bushings (to floor) 2G [Pic] $15


Prothane Bushing Kits

Here is an alternative to Energy Suspension kits.  The bushings are red in color and stiffer than Energy stuff.  Well you ask, how stiff?  Rock hard stiff.  Boing !!! :-)  The full kit costs a little more than Energy but you get more bushings than Energy.  These are split bushing in design and a lot easier to install than Energy's one piece design.  You still have have to burn out the old worn factory rubber and take the metal sleeve out.  We only offer these in full-kit only and are for 2g (95-99) only Eclipse.

Prothane also offers the total motor mount replacement for 1g and 2g.  On 1g the rear, tranny side, and timing belt side is a total replacement.  The front is an insert only. On 2g's the timing belt and tranny side is total replacement, the front and rear is insert only like the Energy one.  We also offer the timing belt side and front separately, both 1g and 2g front and timing belt side are the same. 

Click here for info on what suspension part the Prothane replaces.


Prothane Full Suspension Bushing Kit   for 2g's only



Prothane Full Motor Mount Kit   95-99 Eclipse Turbo $80
Prothane Full Motor Mount Kit  90-94 Eclipse Turbo $85
Prothane Timing belt side motor mount replacement  $30
Prothane Transmission side mount replacement (90'-99' Eclipse) $30
Prothane Rear Mount replacement (90'-94' only) $25
Prothane front insert and timing belt side mount replacement  $50



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