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Shifter Bushings

2gebshft.jpg (8044 bytes)

These are stiffer urethane bushings that replace the soft rubber bushings where the shifter assembly bolts to the floor. By stiffening these bushings, you can greatly increase the "feel" of the shifter. While stiffer than stock, you wont get the harsh clunky sounds that are common when the rubber is replaced with steel sleeves or if you remove the bushings all together.

1G 1990 Shifter Base Bushings $23

 1991-1994 NLA

2G Shifter Base Bushings $15

Advanced Clutch Technology

2600lb Extreme Pressure Plate with Full Face H-D Street (Organic) disc (includes ACT factory style plastic sleeved throw out bearing)


2100lb Heavy Duty Pressure Plate with Full Face H-D Street (Organic) disc (includes ACT factory style plastic sleeved throw out bearing)

$ 397.60

ACT clutches use either a 2100 lb or 2600lb pressure pate with a full face high friction organic disc. While there is no increased pedal effort for the 2100 lb clutch, you will need a big left leg for the 2600 lb unit. We like the 2100 lb clutch for stock cars and seldom raced 14 second 1/4 mile cars. It does not put up with much launching or overheating from abuse. The 2600 lb clutch is for guys bent on running 12's and faster. It is much more forgiving if abused but isn't magic. If you try hard enough you can kill it. The 2600 lb is stiff on your left leg, but has little or no chatter and is not grabby.

ACT parts are available separately but buy individual parts at your own risk. Most times when you kill a disc, the friction surface of the pressure plate will also be warped from the heat. ACT discs can be used with a Centerforce pressure plate if the pressure plate is in good condition.

Individual Piece Prices
2100 lb Pressure Plate Only    $232.55
2600 lb Pressure Plate Only    $330.25

Street Disc Sprung Hub Only   $137.56
Street Disc Rigid Hub Only      $137.56

Disc 6 Puck Spring Hub $147.97
Race Disk 4 puck Spring Hub $122.00

ACT Release Bearing              $23.64

act2600.jpg (11354 bytes)


Clutch Warranty Info

Clutch Tech/Adjustment Info

Centerforce Dual-Friction, H-D Ball Bearing Pivot Clutch 

$ 460

For 89-99 Eclipse Turbo, AWD and FWD

This is the newer higher clamping load CF pressure plate (we tested it at 2500 lbs). CF is now using ball bearing pivots for the diaphragm for an easy pedal effort. The dual friction disc now has a larger friction surface. We recommend it highly for 13 second drag cars  though we have run high 11's with it. While it is fine for going fast, it is perfectly streetable. Centerforce uses Marcel (wavy metal layer) between the layers of the clutch disc to make the engagement smoother.

If you are serious about drag racing and chasing a magic number, if you launch hard and often, get the ACT 2600. Excessive heat from repeated launches will kill the CFDF (and most other clutches). You will hear quite varied opinions about CFDF all over the internet. Some guys run fast with them forever, others have killed them in under 6 months. It is all up to you. If you make repeated launches and runs you will seriously shorten it's life. If you are disciplined enough to let things cool down between runs you will be fine. Just like overheating your brakes will give you no grip, the same thing happens with your clutch. Get it hot enough and you will turn the disc into kitty hair. The ACT 2600 has more clamp load, it won't slip as much and won't make as much heat. The Centerforce will slip a little more, but this can be safer. You choose your weak point...clutch or hard parts.

Price includes factory plastic sleeved throw out bearing to protect your transmission input shaft sleeve.

Clutch Warranty Info       Clutch Tech/Adjustment Info


RRE's Clutch Chooser Assistant (0=Less, 3= More)

  Heavy Pedal Drag Launching Repeated Launching Crankwalk Victim Tranny Breaker Chatter  Price
ACT 2100 1 1 0 1 0 0 1
Centerforce  1 2 1 1 0 0 2
RRE No Name 2 3 3 2 2 1 2
ACT 2600 3 3 3 3 2 1 2

RRE "No Name" Flywheel

This is a new flywheel made from a new Chromoly steel forging. These are cheaper and stronger alternative to the aluminum flywheels that we used to offer, and are stronger than a lightened stock flywheel for guys with aspirations of making HUGE  power. Their ~11 pound weight also puts then midway between the two other flywheels in performance. While thin, they are not stupid thin like the Japanese Chromoly flywheels. They can be resurfaced a couple times depending obviously on how bad you tear it up. All the flywheels we sell are stepped correctly for the clutches that we offer (RRE, ACT and CF).


Front side                      Back side

Compared with a stock lightened flywheel.

89-Early 92 6-bolt AWD 600150   (11.25lbs.)


89-Early 92 6-bolt FWD 600155   (11.45 lbs.)


Late 92-99 7-bolt AWD 600160   (11.25.lbs)  


92-99 7-bolt FWD 600165           (11.45 lbs.)  


Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Flex Line


This -3 braided hose replaces the flexible rubber clutch fluid line that runs from the body to the bracket on the transmission. Fits FWD and AWD, 1G and 2G Eclipse and Talon, also GVR-4s. The 2G SS clutch line is now longer and completely replaces the reservoir tank on the front of the tranny. This will help reduce pedal travel with heavy clutches. Photo

Install Instructions

Factory Clutch Fork and Fulcrum Ball

We recommend changing these if your car has over 40k miles.  Over time the ball and fork wears down from just plain use or when using a stiff pressure plate like ACT 2600.  If you have never changed it before inside the transmission it's a good thing to do so when changing the clutch.  Don't make the mistake of changing the clutch out and only to find out the fork is worn and you have to pull the transmission out again. Replacing both is one way to deal with the problem. Adding a washer or two under the pivot ball is another way.

Here are some tips on clutch adjustment. This may be the main problem if you can't get enough pedal adjustment.

Clutch fork and ball         Price $69
Clutch fork only               Price $59
Fulcrum ball only             Price $15

Quaife Limited Slip Differentials


For full Quaife differential info, click here

Front Differential 90-99, AWD and FWD Eclipse Turbo models,
89 Mirage Turbo, GVR-4
Front Differential '95-99 Non Turbo
 (Chrysler built transmission)
Center Differential for '92-99 AWD Eclipse/GVR-4
From manufacture date June '91 and newer only.


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