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RRE's 1G/2G Eclipse Turbo Upgrades

Mitsubishi TDO5-16G Turbo Upgrade

This turbo is made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The TDO5-16G with the 7 cm exhaust housing will hold over 20 pounds of boost if you ask it to. If you promise to keep the boost down you can use the stock fuel system other than an upgraded fuel pump. To use it's full potential however, you will need at least 550cc injectors and some form of electronics to control them. The stock 1G turbo flows 405 cfm vs. the 16G at 505 cfm. With the proper porting of the exhaust manifold, Turbo, and O2 sensor housing, you will hardly notice any increased lag. You will however feel tons of top end power!


This is the stock turbo from the Lancer EVO III. Outwardly they look like any other 16G. They use the same compressor housing, TDO-5 exhaust wheel, and the same 7cm volume exhaust housing. Until you pop off the compressor housing... HELLO! Big Wheel. Flows 550 cfm vs. 505 cfm for the regular 16G.

The normal 16-G compressor wheel is 1.83" at the inducer and 2.36" at the exducer. The Big 16-G is 1.89" at the inducer and 2.68" at the exducer. That is just over 5/16" (8mm) larger than the normal 16-G exducer and the same size as the GReddy 18-G (inducer diameter is only .10" smaller than a 18-G). Direct bolt on for 1G cars, you need a standard 16-G Install Kit for 2G cars.

Sorry, we do not offer clipping on EVO III Big 16G turbo


With a 2nd generation Eclipse, the stock Garret T-25 turbo is so small that it's a joke. Putting a larger turbo on will make the single largest performance increase. A TDO5-16G requires an installation kit for the 2G since the intercooler piping comes off from the top instead of the bottom. The kit also includes the necessary oil and water lines and gaskets Turbo Warranty Information

T-25 on the left, 16-G on the right

Pricing Note 12/2011

Our supplier just told us our current _cost_ on the 16G series turbo is $1470. At this price (and even at half of that) they are not worth the money. Maybe all the chinese copies ate into the orders enough that the volume dropped off? Maybe some international market politics are involved? Who knows. We used to be able to sell these things for $500 and make a little money on them. For obvious reasons for now, forget about these. Shop around a bit, maybe someone has new old stock. Just be sure you are getting genuine MHI parts if you are paying real money for one. Chinese copies can be had for about $225.

MHI EVO 3  16G Turbo                                                 
MHI Big 16G Turbo   
16G Turbo

2G Full Install Kit
2G Hacker/Tweaker Install Kit
$WTF ->




Porting Services

Port Eclipse 2G exhaust manifold $100  Available for Exchange 
(2G manifolds only)
Port turbine exhaust housing inlet and outlet $80  New Parts Only
Port compressor housing outlet $40 New Parts Only
Port waste gate $45 New Parts Only
Port O2 sensor housing $100 Available for Exchange (1G or 2G O2 Housings)
Port all of the above $300  

EVO III Exhaust Manifolds/ O2 Housings

EVO III Exhaust Manifold:
These have the same runner diameter as the 2G exhaust manifolds but they have the larger collector that matches the larger inlet to a 16G with a 7cm exhaust housing. They do save a lot of time porting however. They are a direct bolt on for a 2G, they require the same slight trimming on one corner when used on a 1G to clear the P/S bracket as a 2G manifold would need.

EVO III O2 Housing:
These are BIG. They have a larger inlet hole for the turbine flow, larger wastegate passage, and a larger outlet. The bolt spacing on the outlet flange is wider, this makes easier to adapt a  custom 3" down pipe. They have a slightly different angle at the DP flange. If you already have a 2.5" DP with a slotted flange, it is _possible_ to bolt it up to an EVO O2 housing. Usually it will stress the flex section too much so it should be considered a temporary solution only. We include a larger flange and also the larger inlet and DP gaskets with the O2 housing to make things easier for you.

EVO III Exhaust Manifold $210
EVO III O2 Housing Set 
(Inlcudes necessary gaskets and flange)

Stainless Steel Turbo Oil Supply Line (Excludes T-25/T28 - GT series Garrett)


Allows full oil flow with high pressure, cool oil to your Mitsubishi Turbo. Works especially well with a 16-G on a '95 and up Eclipse. Will work on any 1G or 2G with a Mitsubishi turbo. Please specify what turbo when ordering.

T-25/T28 - Garrett GT series $70.00

More Info, Install Instructions

7cm Turbo Gasket

This gasket if for use with any of the turbos that come with the 7cm turbine housing and you have it ported out so that you are no longer using the factory sealing ring. Solid one piece stainless steel.

7CM Turbo Gasket      $22

gasket-7cmgasket.jpg (11917 bytes)

4 Layer Heavy Duty Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

New thicker stainless steel manifold gaskets will help insure against leaks for new or problem manifolds. If you manifold warps a bit over time this gasket will better fill the gap and help seal things up. Get twice the gasket thickness for just a little additional cost.

4 Layer SS Exhaust Manifold Gasket $28

Combo Sale:
 4 Layer Gasket and a 7cm SS turbine housing gasket   $36

4layergasket.jpg (10707 bytes)

4layergasket-layers.jpg (19251 bytes)

All Gaskets and Flanges Page

All Turbo Install Parts  Page

TiAL Products External Waste Gates

These are the highest quality and most affordable waste gates available. See our TiAL Waste Gate page for more info.

See TiAL Info Page for pricing

tial-36mminstalledon2gmanifold.jpg (235103 bytes)

tial-2ginstalled.jpg (38096 bytes)

tialwastegatelg.jpg (22542 bytes)



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