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Walbro Fuel Pump Upgrades

2G $90

1G w/kit $100

These fuel pumps are a direct replacement for all turbo Eclipses. Your stock fuel pump flows 100 liters per hour @ 43 psi @ 12V. We have both the Walbro 190 lph and the 255 lph High Pressure versions in stock both are the same price and include any necessary install parts. 

For additional flow specifications and some low budget modifications you can do your self to increase flow with any pump see "tech tips"

Larger Fuel Injectors

More fuel will allow you to run higher boost. But you cant just put in bigger bigger injectors with out some way to control them, you would just run rich all the time. The ECU will still trigger the bigger injectors as if they were still stock. Each time they open however, more fuel will flow out. The car would be slower and you would just hit the ECU's fuel cut. A fuel controller like the AFC will trick the ECU into thinking that there is less air flow. It will then trigger the bigger injectors less and even things out. Since the ECU does not see all of the actual air flow, you wont hit the fuel cut off and you'll get better ignition timing advance.

What Size Injectors?

Just about everyone you ask will give you a different answer. Here is ours. 750cc injectors are a minimum to have serious fun with. Which size for you all depends on the octane of your fuel and how much boost you will be running. Bigger injectors allow you to run ridiculous amounts of boost on cheaper gas. If you are running race gas when you are having fun or if you run higher than stock fuel pressure, you can get away with smaller injectors. East coast kids get 93-94 octane gas to play with, while the west coast gets stuck with diet light pretend 91 octane junk. Keep in mind also that living your life 1/4 mile at a time you will need less fuel than if you live your life in 20 minute run groups in open track sessions.

RRE's Injector Chooser Assistant

~16 psi
~16 psi
14B@18 psi,
Upgrade Turbo 17-18 psi
Upgrade Turbo 20-21 psi Upgrade Turbo 24-26 psi Breaking the Sound Barrier
91 Octane  


Fuel Pump Upgrade Only 550cc 750cc Nope
93-94 Octane Fuel Pump Upgrade Only 550cc 750s to 1200cc Nope
Race Gas Fuel Pump 1200CC
750 cc Fuel  Injectors   (set of 4)   RC Engineering  $ 360
1000cc Fuel Injectors   (set of 4)    RC Engineering

1200cc Fuel Injectors   (set of 4)    RC Engineering

$ 360


These injectors include the upper o-ring to the fuel rail. They do not include the lower thicker seal to the cylinder head.

OEM Injector O-ring Seals

4 lower insulators and 4 upper O-rings - The small o-ring that seals the pressurized fuel to the fuel rail. New upper o-rings are included with the above injectors.

$ 24

4 Lower injectors seals only.

$ 18

AEM Fuel Rail

AEM High Volume Fuel Rails are CNC machined from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum and feature a 1/2-inch fuel bore capable of flowing enough fuel to support most high-performance engines. This larger bore also dampens the back pulse created by oversized injectors in high-output applications. The AEM fuel rail also works perfectly with stock injectors. Each fuel rail includes an additional port for the installation of a nitrous set-up or external fuel pressure gauge.  AEM’s High Volume Fuel Rail kit includes new injector O-rings, fuel line fittings, comprehensive installation instructions and AEM decals.

  • No additional parts required for installation
  • Utilizes original fuel hose
  • Stock fuel pressure regulator mounts directly to fuel rail
  • Available in black only, blue/red/silver are no longer available
  • AN Fuel rail adapter to -6 only


Price $150  For 89-99 Eclipse Turbo only. 
AEM AN-6 Fuel Rail adapte fitting  Price $30

Additional Replacement O-rings for Fuel Rails   $2 each
(Note these are not the injectors o-rings, but the o-rings that goes at the end of  the fuel rail.)

For fuel rail installation instructions please click here...
For AN adapter fitting instructions please click here...



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