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These parts are available for the Do-It-Yourself hackers/tweakers out there. In offering you these parts, we assume you know what the hell you are doing and have the ability to weld, fit, and otherwise modify things on your own.  These pages were designed with the 90-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse in mind. If you stumbled into here on a search or recommendation and you have another car, please keep this in mind. We do not provide tech support or advice on other cars.

We understand the difficulty in locating these parts and respect the gumption of the guys that want to make their own parts. We love to make our own stuff here and are just trying to be the kind of shop that we'd buy stuff from. Most all of these parts are in stock. They are the same parts we build stuff out of every day for both local installs and our mail order parts. 

Flanges and Gaskets


flange-tb.jpg (15942 bytes)

flange-1gbov.jpg (12035 bytes)


Mufflers, Cats, and Exhaust Parts


Magnaflow-3inchmuffler.jpg (43313 bytes)


Mandrel Bends


dpfirstbend.jpg (25990 bytes)

turboneticselbows.jpg (29266 bytes)


Hoses and Clamps






 External Wastegates

Hacker/Tweaker Tech  Tips


Building a 3" 1G AWD Exhaust
No text but lots of pics.

Beading I/C Pipes
Some ideas for getting a bead on your piping so you don't blow hoses off.

Jumper's 2G Griffin I/C Install   

No text, just a bunch of good pics of what it took.

RRE Griffin/Spearco 1G FMIC Kit Install
The instructions for installing our I/C kit, lots of pics to give you some ideas.




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