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Magnaflow Mufflers

Stainless Steel shell, Straight through flow, SS mesh wrap around perforated core, Ceramic sound absorption packing. 

Below are the Magnaflow mufflers that we stock. If you need something different check out Magnaflow's website and e-mail us a part number. We'll get you the best price. We can get most any Magnaflow muffler in a few days and with extrtemely competitive prices. If you find any Magnaflow parts for less, give us an opportunity to beat them.


Body Dia Pipe Alignment Use Part Number Price
2.5" 18" 5" x 8" Offset/Center 2.5" Eclipse Rear MAG-12256 $74
3"  18" 5" x 8" Offset/Center 3" Eclipse Rear MAG-12259 $90


Resonators are smaller diameter mufflers. They lack the volume of larger mufflers but fit in places where a full size muffler will not. Use them to help quiet down a loud system. Different lengths will affect different sound frequencies. These will help reduce droning on systems with just a single medium muffler at the rear. 

Perforated core resonators do not affect flow at all. Louvered core resonators will flow about 5% less but do a better job at silencing things. 


Perforated Core resonator on the left, Louvered Core Resonator on the right. 

Louvered Core Aluminized Steel
Pipe Dia Body Dia Length Part Number Price
2.5" 4" 12' ALLI-RESL-25012 $30
2.5" 4" 18" ALLI-RESL-25018 $36
2.5" 4" 24" ALLI-RESL-25024 $40
3" 4" 12" ALLI-RESL-30012 $32
3" 4" 18" ALLI-RESL-30018 $36
3" 4" 24" ALLI-RESL-30024 $40
Perforated Core Stainless Steel
Pipe Dia Body Dia Length Part Number Price
3" 4" 12" -RESP-SS-312 $60
3" 4" 24" -RESP-SS-324 $75


High Flow Cats

Large body catalytic converters available in either 2 1/2" or 3" inlet and outlet sizes. Both have the same high flow core. No flanges welded on. Just bare pipes at the ends. EPA OBD2 Legal. They are NOT CARB legal for use in California to pass the newest smog visual test, they do not have the proper labeling for CARB approved use.

Overall length is 16"       Cat body size is 12" x 6" x 3 1/2"


2.5" High Flow Cat  OBD2 Legal - Not CARB Legal MAG-93506CA $110
3" High Flow Cat     OBD2 Legal - Not CARB Legal MAG-93509CA $120


Flex Sections

Braided Covered Flex Section
10" overall length, flex part is 8" long. Solid ends are aluminized steel. Braided covering and corrugated inner flex material are stainless steel. Smooth inner braid liner for less inner turbulence.
3" Braided Covered Flex Section       FLEX-BRAID-300 $54.00 ea.

2.5" Braided Covered Flex Section  FLEX-BRAID-250 $49.00 ea.

Stainless Steel Spiral Flex.

A nice budget alternative. Smaller outside diameter for tight spaces. We usually install it so that there is about 6 to 8" of flex area, and about 2" of overlap onto the pipe. The overlap makes it easier to weld and gives good support. The 1 1/2" flex is perfect for external W/G dump tubes. 
1 1/2 " inside diameter  FLEX-SPI-150 $15 per foot 
2 1/2" inside diameter   FLEX-SPI-250 $20 per foot 
3" inside diameter   FLEX-SPI-300 $25 per foot

Dead Flex Sections

If you are killing flex sections in your down pipe, check your motor mounts. Flex sections are only designed to deal with so much movement. If your motor is flopping all over because of dead motor mounts, you will keep killing the flex section.

Fabrication Parts

O2 Sensor Bung - Steel ALLI-O2BUNG-STL $8 ea.
O2 Sensor Bung - Stainless Steel ALLI-O2BUNG-SS $15 ea.
O2 Sensor Bung Plug/Block Off Bolt ALLI-O2BUNG-PLUG $10 ea.
J Hook Plain Steel Hangar 3/8" Dia. ALLI-JHOOK-5 $6/5 Pack
L Hook Aluminized Steel Hangar 3/8" Dia.   $
L Hook Aluminized Steel Hangar 1/2" Dia.   $
L Hook Stainless Steel Hangar  3/8" Dia.   $
L Hook Stainless Steel Hangar 1/2" Dia.   $
4" Plain Straps ALLI-4STRAP $5/5 Pack
6" Plain Straps ALLI-6STRAP $6/5 Pack




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