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 Griffin Intercoolers

Griffin intercoolers are built much like the Japanese made GReddy and HK$ tube and fin style intercoolers. They offer superior heat transfer while still allowing good air flow through to the radiator. We stock both top to bottom flow and side to side flow styles. 


Griffin Top To Bottom Flow Intercoolers

18inchic-sameside.jpg (20599 bytes)

18" x 6" Griffin intercooler with RRE Custom  aluminum end tanks. Available with inlets and outlets on the same side or opposite sides. Please specify when ordering.


Cores Only
Wide Tall Thick Flow Price
18" 6" 2.75" Top To Bottom $295
24" 6" 2.75" Top To Bottom $310
24" 8" 2.75 Top to Bottom $340


Griffin Side To Side Flow Intercoolers

20x10-39-39-low.jpg (83789 bytes)

20x10-39-15.jpg (60617 bytes)

20x10-39-39-offset.jpg (61148 bytes)

The 24" and 20" wide by 10" tall cores are built to accept HK$ end tanks that are usually available (see below) Add $60 if you would like us to weld the end tanks onto the core.

The 23"-11.5" cores will need hand made/fabricated end tanks.

Core Only
Wide Tall Thick Flow Price
20" 10" 2.75" Side to Side NLA
24" 10" 2.75" Side to Side $340
23" 11.5 2.75" Side to Side $350

20x10-coreonly.jpg (87284 bytes)            20x10-endflow.jpg (99725 bytes)

Available Flow Charts



Spearco Intercooler Cores


Part Number Wide Tall Thick Flow Price
SPEA-COR-2-115 18.48 6.00 3.5  Top to Bottom $440
SPEA-COR-2-209 18.5" 7.12" 3.0" Side to Side $290
SPEA-COR-2-178 20.0 7.8  3.5  Side to Side $370
SPEA-COR-2-120 24.0" 7.8" 3.5"   $420
SPEA-COR-2-205 24.0" 13.0" 3.5" Side to Side $675


Spearco Intercooler Assemblies


 Part Number Flow Core Price

SPEA-IC-2-221 In and Out Same Side (1G and 2G)

Top To Bottom 2-115 $590
SPEA-IC-2-221 In and Out on Opposite Sides (GVR-4) Top To Bottom 2-115 $590
SPEA-IC-2-247 Side To Side 2-178 $530

Available Flow Charts


End Tanks


Spearco End Tanks

Part Number Dimensions Hose Diameter Intercooler it fits: Price
SPEA-ICET-1992 18" by 3" 2.5" Spearco 2-115
Griffin 18" x 6"
SPEA-ICET-1996 7.9" by 3.5" 2.5" Spearco 2-178 $50



HKS End Tanks

Available in season. We are trying to keep these in stock but are at the mercy of HKS's stocking whims. They seem to have no real plan for keeping parts on the shelf in the US, we'll do what we can. Call or e-mail for availability. These are a direct fit for the Griffin 20"x10" and 24"x10" cores above.

HKS-ICET-39    $50

Pipe connection facing out straight to the side and offset. Can be installed offset to the top or bottom.

HKS-ICET-15    $60

Excellent for use when both pipes are running to and from the passenger side. It allows the piping to run over the top of the I/C. 

  HKS-ICET-07    $50

Centered pipe connection facing straight to the side. It is centered in the middle of the end tank.. 2 1/4" hose size

HKS-ICET-17    $65

Pipe connection facing straight upwards.

  HKS-ICET-38    $65

Angled Connection. Would work for a GVR-4 on the driver's side to get up to the core support where the stock piping comes down and through.

HKS-ICET-40    $80

Pipe connection facing to the rear. It is offset to one end. Depending on which side it is mounted on, it will be at the top or bottom.


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