RRE I/C Pipe Installation Instructions
95-99 Eclipse Turbo

Remove the air filter assembly with the air flow meter.

Unbolt the fuse box; (one 10mm bolt on the side towards the motor, two 10mm bolts to the inner fender) let it sit to the side. 

Unbolt the stock intercooler pipe bracket. There are two 12mm head bolts down near the frame rail, and one 10mm head bolt to the inner fender. 

On 1998-1999 AWD models, the bolts are underneath two fuel vapor lines. You will need to bend the lines outward and it will still be difficult to get the two 12mm head bolts loose.

Jack up the car & support with jack stands. Remove the plastic vented panel behind the intercooler on the passenger side. Loosen the clamp that holds the stock pipe to the intercooler. Remove the stock pipe. 

GReddy Type S Valve

Install the new bypass valve onto the I/C pipe flange with the gasket supplied with the valve.

The GReddy valve has two fittings for small vacuum lines on it. The top fitting is for the same hose that went to the original stock bypass valve, the hose that goes to the intake manifold. The lower fitting is normally left open. It is a vent for the lower chamber of the valve. 

On some cars with large turbos, compressor surge at light throttle lifts can be further reduced by connecting the lower fitting to a pressure source. Typically a fitting is added to an I/C pipe between the turbo outlet and the valve. 

The GReddy Type S bypass valve is adjustable. To make the adjustment, looses the 10 mm nut on the top of the valve. Using a 3 mm Allen wrench, rotate the small screw in the center. Looses it all the way out until you feel no tension on it. That is the maximum looseness possible. With the screw all the way flush with the top of the nut, that is fully tight. Normal adjustment for most cars is right about in the middle (see photo above).  If the valve is too loose you may loose boost pressure. The valve will close slowly and will make a little squeak sound at the end. If it is too tight, you will hear compressor surge. Surge sounds like a "JUhh juhh juhhew" sound when you let off the throttle. It may sound cool but it will damage your turbo. That is the sound of air bouncing off the throttle plate and going back out the turbo as it is also being pumped in... too tight.

1G Bypass Valve

Install the new bypass valve onto the I/C pipe flange with the gasket supplied with the valve.

When installing a 1G BOV, the outlet fitting is slightly smaller than the hose. Just tighten the hose clamp down and it will seal just fine. If using a used valve, you can use silicone sealant to help seal a used gasket.

Install the Road Race pipe. Re Install the inner fender liner and the Fuse box. Last, re install the air filter assembly.

Some tips when installing the Road/Race pipe:

The fit to the upper hose that goes to the throttle body can be a little tight. Use some soapy water for lubrication to help.

When installing the black connector hose to the intercooler, be sure the hose clamps are tight. Use an 8mm socket on the clamps since a screwdriver may not get them tight enough. Pay close attention that the hose far enough over the intercooler outlet pipe.

Install the GReddy valve onto the flange before putting the pipe onto the car.

Warning: Improper use will void any warranty.

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