RRE 7cm Stainless Steel Turbo Gasket Info 

Stock Gasket Inside Diameter: 55mm (2.18")

"7cm" Gasket Inside Diameter: 61mm (2.40")

6cm-7cmgasket.jpg (17808 bytes)

Factory Gasket for the stock turbo (6cm Exhaust housing) and the RRE SS for the 7cm exhaust housing that comes with the 16G and other large Mitsubishi turbos.

The "7cm" measurement comes from the volume of the exhaust housing. It is not the inside diameter of the hole. 

factory-rress-7cmgaske.jpg (23656 bytes)

We also have the factory style multi-layer 7cm gaskets. We like ours better, some guys have had other solid SS gaskets fail and want these instead. You want it, we got it. Same price.

Gaskets fail because of loose bolts. Bolts get loose from down pipes not being supported to the block with some kind of bracket. 

old-new7cmgasket.jpg (24614 bytes)

Here is a comparison of the 7cm turbo gaskets that the other shops sell. We make our wider on the sides where they otherwise would crack. 

Our price is $20 ea.

10 Pack for $150

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