RRE Breather Filter Instructions 

When under boost and especially during hard cornering, the crankcase breather will blow oil into the turbo inlet. This oil builds up inside the intercooler and will eventually reduce it's efficiency. If the oil makes it all the way to the combustion chamber, it will lower your effective octane and increase your chances of knock. The solution is to disconnect the hose from the turbo inlet and put a filter on the end of the hose. Since the hose will be letting out some oil (the reason for this modification) we let the hose hang down where the mess will not be noticed. For no mess, see our catch can.

breatherfilter-parts.jpg (15746 bytes)

Parts included in the kit are:

(1) K&N Breather Filter
(1) Cap

breatherfilter-installedonhose.jpg (64529 bytes)

Locate the hose that runs from the valve cover down to the turbo inlet. Clamp the breather filter onto the end of the hose that was going to the turbo inlet.

breatherfilter-hosehangdown.jpg (61057 bytes)

Let the filter and hose hang down towards the top of the transmission. 

breatherfilter-capinstalled.jpg (78389 bytes)

Use the supplied cap to cover the hose fitting where the hose was going to the turbo inlet. 

This modification breaks every smog control law known to man. We use it only when we are racing on the track and re connect the hose when operating on public highways. 


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