RRE  Catch Can Instructions 

The small sized oil catch can / crankcase breather from Road Race Engineering  has two fittings on it that can be used for oily air vapors coming from the valve cover. One fitting on the side will be used to go to the passenger side fitting on the valve cover. Un plug the hose that runs to the turbo intake boot (from the valve cover) and instead connect it to one of the side fittings on the catch can. Us the cap that was covering the catch can fitting to now cover the fitting on the turbo inlet boot. This way air can not leak into the boot.

The bottom fitting is a drain. 

smallcatchcan02.jpg (5937 bytes)

Every car is different under the hood. Depending on the options your Eclipse came from the factory with and the mods you have made under the hood, your mounting location will vary.

Here is a catch can mounted on the fire wall of a 90 Eclipse Turbo.

catchcaninstall-firewall-1g.jpg (291966 bytes)

Not all cars will have room in this location. Use the supplied aluminum bracket to mount the catch can where ever you have room under your hood

catchcaninstall-firewall-1g2.jpg (295780 bytes)

This 92 has a bunch of free space on the fender well. He made his own steel mounting bracket. 

matt-catchcan-humphose.jpg (260004 bytes)

For 95-99 (2G) cars, a popular location is to mount the catch can off of one of the BOV bolts. Bend the aluminum bracket at a 90 degree angle and drill or punch a hole at the end of the bracket. Most 2G cars will have just enough room there.

albert-catchcan.jpg (249491 bytes)


An option for cars that never see use on the streets is to disable the PCV valve. Under normal operation the PCV valve allows crankcase air to be drawn into the intake manifold when you have vacuum in the manifold. Once you make boost pressure, the PCV valve closes and the only ventilation the crankcase gets is thru the small hose that was running to the turbo inlet.  

catchcan-2ndhoseconnected.jpg (221260 bytes)

By eliminating the PCV valve you can get twice the crankcase ventilation while under boost.

Start by removing the PCV valve from the valve cover. 

catchcaninstall-removepcv.jpg (32150 bytes)

On 1G intake manifolds, the fitting that puts the PCV valve air back into the intake manifold can be used as a fitting to screw into the valve cover. Unscrew it and plug the hole closed. 

For 2G cars and 1G cars that wish to use the manifold fitting as an additional boost/vacuum source, get a 1/8" NPT brass fitting from the hardware store.

catchcaninstall-removemanifoldfitting.jpg (29917 bytes)

Run a 1/8" NPT tap into the metric threaded hole in the valve cover.  This will allow you to thread the hardware store fitting into the valve cover. 

catchcaninstall-installfitting.jpg (31912 bytes)

Notice that the fitting is installed into the valve cover at a slight angle. Also only tighten the fitting slightly, if you over tighten the fitting (or any PCV valve) you will crack the valve cover. Be careful !

Now run a 5/16" hose from the fitting on the valve cover to the second fitting on the catch can.

catchcaninstall-fittingintocover.jpg (36014 bytes)


Got a cool pic of your catch can install? Send it in !

Robert Black has his mounted on his 2G just to the side of the manifold. The bracket is bolted to the heat shield bolt.

catchcan-rblack.gif (88121 bytes)


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