RRE AEM 2G FWD Big Rotor Kit
Info For Installing on a 1G FWD 

This info would also be applicable for installing the 2G FWD rotor kit on a 1G AWD that
originally came with the smaller rotors with single piston calipers.

Using the AEM 2G AWD kit on a 1G car with the dual piston calipers will work out the same 
except that the wheels MUST be 17". 

The rear AEM kit will NOT work, the rotor design is completely different. 


aembrakes-1ginstall-clearancecalipermountingears.jpg (23108 bytes)

The mounting ears of the knuckle where the caliper bolts on needed to be ground a little for clearance.

aembrakes-1ginstall-clearancecaliperatboltholes.jpg (32460 bytes)

The caliper needed to be ground a little also for clearance.

aembrakes-1ginstall-clearancecaliperwithgrinder.jpg (15842 bytes)

When using the stock 16" 1G wheels, the calipers were very close. There is a weld seam inside the wheel that is a little inconsistent. We had to grind the caliper a little, just removed the casting roughness mostly. 


aembrakes-1ginstall-clearancecaliper.jpg (19395 bytes)

Where the weld started and stopped there was a bigger blob of weld that needed to be ground down inside the wheel. You should consider making sure that all the wheels fit over both calipers in case you need to swap them around.

aembrakes-1ginstall-closetoballjoint.jpg (20655 bytes)

The lower ball joint  will touch the back side of the rotor if you do not clearance it. At full droop  (suspension hanging down) it looks like there is a lot of clearance. When the suspension moves up, it gets closer. When you hit a bump and turn it grinds.

aembrakes-1ginstall-clearancelowerarmwithhammer.jpg (17434 bytes)

There is a lip that sticks out. We smash it down flat with a big hammer. Fold it all the way flat, don't forget to go all the way around the corners for clearance when turning.

aembrakes-1ginstall-cleanlowerarmwithgrinder.jpg (22424 bytes)

Next we ground the area smooth with a disk grinder.

aembrakes-1ginstall-installing.jpg (17122 bytes)

Now you can put it all together just like in the instructions for the 2G. All bolt on from here on.

aembrakes-1ginstall-talonswirl16s.jpg (23500 bytes)

Pictured installed with the Talon swirl wheels. Other 1G stock wheels will be slightly different on the inside. So far our only experience is with these.

We did not try them with the steel spare tire/wheel. This guy had a big ol' stereo in there and an AAA card.



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