True vs. Fake 3" Exhausts 


Our down pipes are made with the Apex cat-back systems in mind. People are always asking us for a 3" DP that will  bolt up to other company's exhaust systems. This is what we don't. If a flange will bolt up to the stock cat, then there is not room for a 3" pipe to fit between the two bolts in the flange. The exhaust must neck down to 2 1/2" to fit between the bolts at the stock catalytic converter. Even then, many companies go even smaller right there. Some are as small as 2" inside diameter. To install a 3" DP and or cat, they need to have the offending small pipes and flanges cut off at additional expense so that a 3" pipe can be used. Otherwise you are just wasting the 3" DP only to have it neck back down to 2 1/2" or less.

fakebigexhaust.jpg (42514 bytes)

One company's idea of a 3" "High Flow" exhaust for the AWD Eclipse. This is the flange (2" inside diameter, smaller than the stock cat outlet) that bolts to the stock cat. 

hksfake3inch.jpg (83884 bytes)

HK$'s idea of a big exhaust. Starts off pinched to 2 1/4" to a 2 1/2" pipe and resonator.

hksfake3inch2.jpg (115273 bytes)

After the resonator it expands to 3"

The reason these parts are on the floor and all cut up is because they were removed to make a real 3" exhaust system.

apex-rsfwdadapter.jpg (20977 bytes)

The old RSR and the current Apex systems use an adapter that can be removed to allow a 3" DP and or 3" cat to be installed easily and with out cutting and welding.

2gawddp-atfront.jpg (65880 bytes)

Our 2G  DP starts out at 2 1/2" to match a ported O2 sensor housing. It bolts directly to the RSR or Apex exhausts once the adapter is removed.

rredp-2gfwd-options.jpg (169786 bytes)

This expands to 3" right after the flex section. 

It can be bought with no cat or with a 3" higher flowing cat. Also the option to switch back and forth with a test pipe at the track for racing.


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