88-89 323 GTX Motor and Trans Search


For guys looking for clean used Japanese engines and transmissions here is a list of the So Cal companies that import them. Prices vary a lot between them, for the most part you get what you pay for. Between them all, usually one or two will have a 1.6 turbo motor or trans. I have never seen a 1.8 at any of them, best to stick with Cork Sport for those.

When calling these guys you may have to deal with some heavy accents. We ask for "four by four" on the transmissions. "Four wheel drive" can be confused with "front wheel drive" sometimes. Motors go from $600-800 including manifolds and turbo. You have a 75% chance of getting a early 1.6 with the bigger intake manifold but smaller turbo.

They usually have a distributor, the cap and rotor may be cracked from shipping. The timing belt upper covers can also be slightly damaged. AWD trans go from $450-700 including transfer cases. If it has a cable actuated clutch (the hydraulic clutch parts swap right over) it will have a slightly lower gear ratio. Most trannys come with the center diff locking motor, the wires may be cut.

There is no way to determine the mileage on these. They will always quote 40,000-60,000 but there is no way to really know. Most are very clean. They guarantee the motors and trans for 6 months and usually 6,000 miles, but just the parts and not the labor or shipping. In Japan they have very strict licensing laws and regulations which get older cars off the street at a young age.



So Cal Importers

CNS Motors
201 N. Harbor Bl
Santa Ana, Ca 92703

(714) 554-0661

12132 166th St. Cerritos, CA 90703

 (562) 407-1212

SOSHIN Trade Corporation
2440 Firestone Boulevard
South Gate, CA 90280

(800)543-2476 (CA)
(800)635-1619 (USA
Soken Trade Corporation
12055 Sherman Way. N. Hollywood, CA 91605



Mazda Specialists

Cork Sport
Located in Oregon, the best place to get a hold of a 1.8 GTX motor. Mazda only



Nation Wide Importers

Soko America
11410 Melrose St.
Franklin Park, IL 60131


J Spec Auto http://www.jspecauto.com
Premium Used Engines and Transmissions

111 Sunrise Highway Amityville NY 11701


1(800) New-Motor
(631) 608-4380

Toronto Canada

Engine Land Japanese


Do you have an Importer that has had a GTX motor in the past and treated you well?
If so, send me the contact info and I'll post it here. The area codes in So Cal keep changing, 
if any of these numbers no longer work, let me know. If anyone on this list screws you over, 
let me know too. Happy hunting,     Mike W

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