RRE Turbo Oil Supply Line Instructions 

Install the banjo bolt fitting onto the end of the -4 stainless line and tighten the fitting before bolting the banjo fitting to the turbo. Install the assembled oil supply line to the turbo before installing the turbo onto the manifold. Use new copper crush washers and torque the banjo bolt to about 25 foot pounds.

1G: Remove the correct Allen plug from the oil filter housing. See the photos below for the correct location !If the Allen plug is tight and you think that you might strip out the Allen socket, heat will loosen it. The heat allows the aluminum housing to expand and loosen it's grip on the plug. Heat also loosens any thread sealant. Get it warm with a propane torch or oxy/acetylene torch. Don't melt anything, just warm it up good. If you strip out the Allen fitting to the point that an Allen wrench wont turn it, you are screwed.

2G: Remove the larger fitting and replace it with the 90 degree fitting. 

Use thread sealant or Teflon tape on the pipe threads that screw into the housing. Note that the threads are cut into the housing at a different angle than the face of the housing. It will almost look like it is threading into the housing crooked. Be careful with any sealant or tape, you do not want anything to get into the turbo bearings.

If you find that the clearance to the oil pressure sensor is too close to the fitting to screw it in, remove the sensor, install the 90 degree fitting and re-install the sensor. 



16g-2goilfeedline.jpg (25472 bytes) Connected at the turbo
oillineinstalled-2g.jpg (90437 bytes) Oil supply location on a 2G 

Note that the fitting screws into the housing hole at a slight angle to the machined face. This can seem a little odd when first getting the threads started. Note the angle of the stock adapter fitting before you  remove it, this will help. The fitting threads are a tapered pipe thread, as you screw it in, it will get tighter. Be sure to stop at a clocking that will allow the proper run of the oil line

oilineinstall-tietofanshroud.jpg (139163 bytes) Tied off to the fan shroud.
oilineinstall-tietofanshroud2.jpg (141944 bytes) Tied off to the fan shroud. 
oillineinstalled-tietofanshroud-clipped.jpg (145035 bytes) Don't let the line contact the fan shroud directly. We use a double zip tie to separate them.


scot-oilline.jpg (126408 bytes) If you specified the oil supply line for a 1G, use the supplied short 10mmx1.25 bolt and crush washer to block off the stock oil supply location at the cylinder head.


Oil supply location on a 91-94 1G Turbo

oillinelocation-1g.jpg (234327 bytes) 91-94 1G supply location pictured. You want the upper and outer fitting location. Using the lower fitting on a '91-94 oil filter housing (water cooled oil cooler) will result in the turbo receiving unfiltered oil.
1goillinelocation.jpg (22057 bytes) '90 1G supply location pictured. 

On a 90 model oil filter housing, the two fittings are spread out a little more. Use the lower fitting on a '90 oil filter housing (cars with a factory air cooled oil cooler). Using the upper outer fitting will give unfiltered oil to the turbo.

turbooilsupplysource.jpg (246821 bytes) Click for a LARGE image of why the oil supply is better down at the oil filter housing.

Stock, the turbo oil supply is just about the last oil in the whole motor. If you get it at the oil filter housing, you get oil fresh out of the filter. 

Note that if you do not use the specified location, you will be using unfiltered oil.


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