RRE's TDO5-16G, "Big" 16G and 14B Install Kits


The second generation Eclipse Garrett turbos are very similar to the Mitsubishi
turbos, yet use  different intercooler hose routing and have different water and oil 
lines than the  Mitsubishi turbos. These kits allow you to install the Mitsubishi
turbos (16G, Big 16G and 14B) onto your '95-99 Eclipse Turbo.


 RRE Full 2G 16-G Install Kit ('95-99)            $325



Piping that runs from the Turbo to the stock intercooler 
  location, 2 1/4" 
New braided stainless steel oil supply line 
Oil drain line to oil pan 
Front and rear water cooling lines 
New crush washers and gaskets for the oil and water lines 
New gasket for the manifold to the head 
New 7cm stainless steel gasket for the turbo to the manifold 
New gasket for the turbo to the O2 sensor housing 
New factory style metal 2 1/2" down pipe gasket 


6cm Gasket / 7cm Gasket 

2 1/2" Gasket / Stock DP Gasket


RRE Do-it-Yourself/Hacker-Tweaker 2G 16-G Install Kit  $195


Piping that runs from the Turbo to the stock intercooler
  location, 2 1/4"
New braided stainless steel oil supply line
New 7cm gasket for the turbo to the manifold
New 2 1/2" down pipe gasket
One new oil drain gasket

This kit assumes that:

  • On your 2G, the manifold gasket and O2 sensor gasket are probably OK.
  • You can bend and tweak the water lines your self. (You put the front one on the back and the back one on the front)
  • The crush washers for the water lines are still fine, they always are.
  • You can use a little 3/8" hose from the auto parts store to lengthen the front water hose a little.
  • You leave the oil drain line bolted to the oil pan and can file the bolt holes at the top of  it to the turbo a little closer together, use the new supplied gasket for a template.
  • You ported the O2 sensor housing, so you need the larger 2 1/2" gasket to the down pipe that is included.
  • You port the turbo and manifold big and need the larger 7 cm thick SS gasket.
  • You want the good oil flow from the 2G stock location down by the oil filter so we include the SS oil supply line.
  • You want the largest available, highest flowing I/C piping (2 1/4").
  • You are porting the compressor housing outlet to match our larger "J" pipe flange.


    The Individual Parts:


    The J Pipe.                                                                       $70

    Two bolt flange that bolts to the 14-B or 16-G compressor housing. Expands from 1.5" at the flange to 2 1/4" pipe right away. Allows for porting out the compressor housing outlet to match, no gasket included (use silicone to seal it).   Powder coated steel. Drops down between the fan and the turbo inlet hose. The plastic on the radiator fan needs to be trimmed a little for clearance. The lower end is beaded so the hose wont blow off. (included in both kits)  

    A gasket for the connection to the turbo is NOT included. Since you will be porting the turbo outlet some, the stock gasket will not be used. Use RTV silicone sealant. We like the gray stuff but any silicone sealant from the auto parts store will work.

    This does not fit a 1G Eclipse. You need the pipe pictured below or one like it to work correctly.


    The 90 Degree Elbow to I/C                                           $28

    Has one long leg and one short leg. Beaded on both ends, powder coated steel. 2 1/4" dia. (included in both kits) You'll either need this pipe or one of your own design to get to the intercooler. Since you are losing the boost source from the T-25 compressor housing, we put a boost source nipple on the pipe that you can use for your boost controller or just cap it off.



    2 1/4" HD Rubber hose and 4 HD wide hose clamps.       $25

    Enough to connect it all together  (12") 
    (included in both kits


    Stainless oil supply line                                                          $55

    Supplies oil from 2G location.    (included in both kits

    A new oil supply line is required for any new turbo install (for warranty)


    High Temp Anti Seize Compound (2600 degree)      $15

    4 oz can with a brush top lid.


    Tweaker Tips:

    Re use the 2G oil drain pipe, just file the bolt holes closer together and use the 1G gasket to the turbo. Tape over the oil drain hole while you are filing, do not disconnect the pipe from the oil pan.

    Re-use both of  the water pipes. They just get bent a little. Put the front pipe on the rear and the rear pipe on the front. This is the way we do it here in the shop. The lower front water hose may need to be extended a little,  3/8" fuel line works well. The pipes will bend more than you would think possible. We bolt them to the turbo and insert a rod into the pipe to the end of the pipe and bend a little at a time. Nice and slow. 

    Use ant seize thread compound on everything. It will smoke a lot when you first start it and also when you first get it real hot.


    Hardware, Gaskets, Nuts and Bolts

    Following is a list of all the possible parts a person might use or screw up (nuts and bolts) Parts prices are what we sell them for, dealer prices seem to vary a lot across the country. Depending on your mileage, you may be able to re-use some gaskets.


    Head to Exhaust manifold gasket - 4 Layer EVO Style
     (included in full kit only)
    MR323654 $25.00
    Exhaust Manifold to Turbo gasket (6cm housing)  MD128901  $ 3.50
    Exhaust Manifold to Turbo Gasket (7cm housing)    (included in both kits) RRE-GASK-7CM  $20
    Turbo to O2 Housing gasket        (included in full kit only)  MD191897  $ 6.50
    O2 housing to Down Pipe Gasket 2 1/2"      (included in both kits RRE-GASK-212 $ 10 
    O2 housing to Down-pipe gasket      (stock size)  MB687002 $ 8

    Water Supply

    1G Rear Water Pipe        (included in full kit only)  MD140476 $19
    Turbo water pipe gaskets, copper   (4)     (included in full kit only) 


    $ 4

    Bolts, Studs and Washers

    Turbo stud to manifold  10mm  MD050075   $ 10
    Turbo long bolt to manifold   10mm  MD132656   $9 
    Turbo to O2 sensor housing stud  10mm  MD050074  $6
    Turbo to O2 sensor housing bolt  10mm  MD062961  $7.50
    Exhaust man. stud to head  8mm  MD005317  $ 1.50
    Exhaust man. nut 8mm  MD092806  $ 1 
    Exhaust man. stud  10mm  MD146938   $ 2
    Exhaust man. nut   10mm  MD165879   $ 4.50
    Exhaust washer   8mm  MD041192   $ 1.25
    Exhaust washer   10mm  MD050076   $ 1
    Convex Exhaust Manifold Washer (two per bolt, manifold to turbo) MR187848 $1.75

    Oil Supply

    1G Turbo Oil Drain Pipe                (included in full kit only) MD150523 $65
    Turbo oil drain gaskets   1G               (included in both kits MR258477   $1.50 ea. 
    1G Stock Oil Supply line  MD140394   $ 30
    Upper Oil  Supply banjo bolt to head    10mm  MF650102   $ 14
    Upper Oil banjo bolt copper washers   (2)  MF660063  $1.50 
    Lower oil supply banjo bolt to turbo  12mm (included in both kits MS650013  $ 12
    Lower  Oil supply banjo bolt washers  (2) (included in both kits MF660064   $1.60


    Oxygen sensor       1G T  MD311230  $85
    Oxygen sensor       2G T  MD313819  $145


      Porting Services


    Port Eclipse 2G exhaust manifold $100  Available for Exchange 
    (2G manifolds only)
    Port turbine exhaust housing inlet and outlet $80  New Parts Only
    Port compressor housing outlet $40 New Parts Only
    Port waste gate $45 New Parts Only
    Port O2 sensor housing $100 Available for Exchange (1G or 2G O2 Housings)
    Port all of the above $300  


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