XS Engineering IHI "16G Killer" Info

This is just meant for general information and comparison. We do not sell the "Killer" (has not killed any 16Gs we have installed).  You would get it from XS Engineering or any honda shop that is an XS dealer directly.





Compressor Wheel





Tip Height


Compressor Blades



Exhaust Wheel





Tip Height


Exhaust Blades



Waste Gate

Flapper Size


Hole Diameter



Center Cartridge

Bearing Type

Ball Bearing


Water Cooled



killa-compressorwheel.jpg (76153 bytes)

IHI Compressor wheel. Looks small only because the backing plate is larger. It is the same size as a 16G wheel at the exducer (large diameter) and only .020" smaller at the inducer (smaller inlet part of the wheel).

killa-comressorwheeltipheights.jpg (83898 bytes)

IHI compressor wheel is taller (tip height). Makes for higher efficiency.

killa-diffusers.jpg (85025 bytes)

Diffuser diameter is much larger in the IHI turbo. Diffuser is the large flat plate in the center of the housing. The inside surface finish on all the IHI turbos we have seen is very nice. Mitsubishi turbos are a sand cast surface and the IHI turbos are more of a die cast (smooth) finish.

killa-compressorhousings.jpg (88307 bytes)

XS welds the 90 degree elbow to the top of the compressor housing. The outlet pipe runs across the top of the fan shroud and then runs down to the lower I/C pipe area.

killa-hondashopinstall.jpg (68562 bytes)

Some honda boyze had installed this killer turbo. XS does a reasonable job of  match porting the adapter they supply to the exhaust housing. However the adapter needs to be port matched to the manifold. In this photo you can see the step (black soot mark) that needs to be cleaned up for better air flow. 

killa-exhausthousingresurfacedandported.jpg (67411 bytes)

The turbo had been on the car for four months and had a bad exhaust leak. The stock 6cm size exhaust gasket had cracked and both the adapter and manifold flanges. We had to resurface both to get a good seal. 

killa-resurfacedmanifold.jpg (68747 bytes)

The manifold here is now ported with the step for the sealing ring removed. 

killa-exhausthousings.jpg (89291 bytes)

IHI exhaust housing on the left with the adapter bolted on. 

killa-exhausthousings-bottom.jpg (85381 bytes)

The volume is quite large, visually about the size of the GReddy 8cm exhaust housing. This would normally make for slower spool up but the ball bearing center cartridge more than makes up for that. The larger exhaust housing also helps with better top end. 

killa-exhaustwheels.jpg (80268 bytes)

The IHI exhaust wheel is a little bit smaller than the Mitsu TDO-5 wheel. The IHI wheel has one less blade for less restriction but a nicer blade pitch. 

killa-exhaustwheeltipheights.jpg (89297 bytes)

Tip height on the IHI exhaust wheel is Much higher. Makes for better spool up.

killa-wastegateflapper.jpg (92625 bytes)

The waste gate hole is larger on the IHI turbo. It looks like it had been ported some. Even with a 3" DP there was no boost creep.

killa-wastegateholes.jpg (91136 bytes)

IHI on the left, 7cm exhaust housing on the right.

killa-o2housing.jpg (76946 bytes)

O2 sensor housing that is supplied in the kit. When we got the car in, the down pipe bolt closest to the turbo (top one in the pic) was too long. It was driven into the turbo outlet flange and that bent the DP flange so that it wouldn't seal. We had to bend it back straight and resurface it.

killa-o2housing2.jpg (80472 bytes)

killa-oillines.jpg (127694 bytes)

A -3 size oil supply line is supplied with the kit. When we got the car in it was leaking at the turbo. Most likely from not being tightened properly. It attaches to the mid point of the stock oil line. This fitting has two different fittings depending on the year of the car. We are not sure how XS deals with the difference.


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