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 Larson Silicone Hose Kit - Black Only

These thick-walled silicone hoses withstand heat much better than the stock rubber hoses. The kit includes enough 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm hose to replace all the vacuum hoses, the coolant over flow hose, boost control hoses and blow off valve hoses to fit the average car. . 1G cars use a lot more 4mm hose so the price is a bit higher. They are not for use as water lines or fuel lines. You remove each stock hose, one at a time and replace it with the silicone hose. You cut to length.

Available in Black only at this time. With the flood of cheap Chinese hose into the US, the demand for thick quality hose has dropped to the point where it is no longer worth it to produce the good stuff in colors. For fruity colors you are now stuck with Ebay.


1G Eclipse Turbo, GVR-4 $54
1G Eclipse NT $45
2G Eclipse Turbo $35

2GNT Non-Turbo $4
3G Eclipse $40


The Larson Hose Kit Story by

Aaron Larson

2gntsillyhose02.jpg (30535 bytes)


Priced By the Foot

Diameter Price per Foot 
4mm $2.00
6mm $3.00
8mm $3.50
10mm $4.50


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