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       Zeitronix ZT-2 With DashDaq Display

ZEIT-ZT2-DDQ Zeitronix ZT-2 With DashDaq Display
ZEIT-ZT-2-DDQ-35 Zeitronix ZT-2 DashDaq Display/35psi Boost Upgrade
ZEIT-ZT-2-DDQ-50 Zeitronix ZT-2 DashDaq Display/60psi Boost Upgrade
ZEIT-ZT2-DDQ-FULL-35 Zeitronix ZT-2 DashDaq Full 35psi Boost-EGT Pkg
ZEIT-ZT2-DDQ-FULL-50 Zeitronix ZT-2 DashDaq Full 60psi Boost-EGT Pkg

The DashDAQ is a full color, touch screen display with logging capability for Zt-2 and OBDII parameters. This kit includes the DashDAQ Display plus Zt-2 Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Meter, Wideband Oxygen Sensor, Sensor Harness, Signal Harness, PC Serial Cable, Datalogging Software, Installation Instructions, and 2 pin EGT connector to retrofit your EGT probe.

  • Zeitronix-DashDAQ display is Preconfigured for easy Plug and Play use with the Zt-2
  • Display and data log AFR, RPM, EGT, Vacuum/Boost, TPS, and User Input from your Zt-2
  • 4" Touch-Screen offers 480x272 resolution using TFT LCD technology.
  • 24-bit full color display with contrast ratio of 350:1
  • Dimensions are 5” x 3” x 1”, weight is only 0.5 lbs, (127mm x 77mm x 26mm, 275 grams)
  • Full OBDII support for display of parameters such as Mass Air Flow, Spark Advance, Coolant Temperature, and many more!  (OBDII is not required for use with the Zt-2.)
  • Data logging support onto removable memory card -- no laptop or PDA required.
  • Auto Adjusting backlight, night mode, and low power standby.
  • Calculate Horsepower, Torque, 0 to 60 Performance, MPG and set configurable trip counters.
  • Diagnose and clear check engine light error codes.
  • OBDII and Plug and Play Zeitronix Zt-2 cables included.
  • DashDAQ Zt-2 license included ($50 value)
  • Simple and secure windshield-mounted display.
  • Optional GPS support with NAVTEQ maps for US and Canada . Supports points of interest, turn by turn directions, and voice guidance.






Configurable Screens

  • Full color analog gauges
  • Different 'skins' allow you to  change the look and style of your display.
  • Mix and Match
    OBDII and Zt-2 data.
  • Graph Zt-2 data points in real time: AFR, RPM, TPS, EGT, Vacuum-Boost, and User Input!
  • Many other page layouts and styles available.


Data Logging:
  • Log Zt-2 and OBDII data on optional MMC/SD memory cards (up to 4GB in size).
  • Supports Full OBDII for 1996 and newer vehicles (Zt-2 parameters from any vehicle)
  • Log and View up to 24 parameters at once for hours at a time.
  • Zt-2 - DashDAQ connector cable included.




Zeitronix-DashDAQ Installation

Kit Components:


Zeitronix-DashDAQ Display Full color, touch screen display.
Windshield Mount Sticks to your windshield using a suction cup and lever. The lever increases the suction when mounting and then functions as a quick release when removing the display.  Direction and angles are fully adjustable.
Zt-2 Cable Connects to the Zt-2 Serial Data Cable and to back of DashDAQ Display.
The Orange and Brown wiring allow for a Second Zt-2 to be connected!  (Dual-Zt-2 connector available separately)
OBDII Cable Connect to your vehicles OBDII port.  Both the Zt-2 cable and OBDII cable can be used simultaneously.
USB Cable Use this to connect the Zeitronix-DashDAQ display to a computer for software updates and new features.




Zeitronix-DashDAQ Display Installation Details

  1. Connect the DashDAQ display to the windshield mount using the included hardware.
  2. If applicable connect the OBDII connector from the OBDII port to the back of the DashDAQ display.  The DashDAQ display will power up at this point.
  3. Connect the Zt-2 Cable from the Zt-2 serial cable to the back of the DashDAQ display.
    If no OBDII connector is being used connect the red and black wires to power (+12v) and ground respectively to power the display.  Do not make this connection when the OBDII cable is in use.
    If adding a 2nd Zt-2 connect the "Dual-Zt-2" connector to the 2nd Zt-2's serial data cable. Connect the orange and brown wires to the orange and brown wires of the Zt-2 cable shown above.
  4. Mount the DashDAQ display on the windshield pulling down the lever to secure it.  Raise this lever to release the display from the windshield.

Zeitronix-DashDAQ Display RPM readout

If the Zeitronix RPM reading is too high or too low please set the "Number of engine cylinders" parameter in the Zeitronix-DashDAQ display by following these directions...

  1. From the Main Menu press the "Parameters"
  2. Choose the Zeitronix device at the top.
  3. Choose the "Number of engine cylinders" value then click on the "Change" button.
  4. Enter the number of engine cylinders your vehicle has.  Save it. 

The default value for this parameter is 4.  Due to differences in ignition systems and RPM signal sources you may need to adjust this value.

Zeitronix-DashDAQ Related Downloads:
  Zeitronix-DashDAQ Quick Startup Guide Instructions
  Zeitronix DashDAQ DUAL Zt-2 SETUP Instructions  Instructions
  Utility for converting DashDAQ and Palm Pocketlogger logs to
  Zeitronix Data Logger (.zto) files viewable on a PC.

Additional Features:


5 ways to display data on your DashDAQ. It's up to you.

Analog Gauge Digital Gauge Slider Bar Graph Dashboard


Customize your Screen.
What gauges do you want to see today? DashDAQ’s gauges are totally customizable. Want to view the relationship of 2 or 3 parameters? Have DashDAQ put them together on 1 screen. Want to see 24 at once? DashDAQ can do that too. Pick a theme to match your vehicle or even your own personality. Like dial gauges or digital gauges better? Or maybe graphing is more your style? It’s all up to you.

Save Money
. How much would you pay for a 24 new mechanical gauges? How much time would you spend installing all of them? What would your dashboard look like after you were done? One DashDAQ does it all. View up to 24 gauges on one screen. Or select just the gauges you want to see today.

Easy Plug-and-Play Installation
. Get started using DashDAQ in seconds with 2 simple steps: Plug the DashDAQ in and mount it using the suction-cup pedestal. No drilling holes, installing senders, and running wires to get a new gauge. Have an after-market device installed? DashDAQ can read and display data from it too.

No Squinting. DashDAQ’s screen automatically brightens in daylight, and dims at night so you can see exactly what’s going on no matter what time it is.



DashDAQ Multimedia

Listen to MP3s. Listen to music on DashDAQ's 16-bit built-in stereo and 2-watt internal speaker, or connect your own speakers to DashDAQ's stereo line-out. DashDAQ's MP3 Player application for DashDAQ is now available!

Watch Digital Video. Play full-color video with stereo audio directly on DashDAQ from an MMC card. DashDAQ’s digital video player application is now available.

Play Games. Because DashDAQ is a powerful Linux computer, games and other entertainment applications can be loaded and played directly on DashDAQ. This “toy” can do almost anything! Check the DashDAQ website often for new stuff—a lot of it free to download.


DashDAQ Fuel Economy


Watch your Fuel Economy. See your vehicle's Miles Per Gallon in real-time on DashDAQ’s screen. Check the MPG claims. Get a base line measurement. Then change your driving habits, or make modifications to your vehicle and easily check the results. Hey, now you can find out who’s the most fuel-efficient driver in the family!

Learn what else affects MPG. What happens to fuel economy when it’s hot outside? What if you’re towing a trailer? Use DashDAQ to watch parameters that affect MPG like temperature, engine load, and shift points. Make informed changes to improve efficiency.

Log your trips. Record and analyze your driving data. Have DashDAQ easily keep logs of your trips and review them later. Playback your logs on DashDAQ’s screen, or view the logs on a PC.


DashDAQ Diagnostics

Find Out What's wrong.
Why did your Check Engine light come on? Is it minor or serious? Plug in DashDAQ and find out now. Does the fuel cap simply need to be tightened, or does your vehicle need a professional repair? Now you’ll know.

Fix it Yourself. Did you repair your vehicle yourself, but that (expletive) Check Engine light is still on? Don’t go paying.  Don’t go begging. Use DashDAQ to clear the codes and shut off the light.

Get More Information.
Diagnose your vehicle with more than a snapshot. Use DashDAQ to watch sensors over time and in real-time. Watch what happens during different times of day, different temperatures, or with different inputs. Is there a trend?


Save the results. Don’t depend on your memory. Have DashDAQ record a log to compare to a previous test. See what has changed. Are the results better or worse? Compare and decide.



DashDAQ Performance Testing


Drag Strip Testing. Want to improve your drag strip performance? Use DashDAQ’s signal tree to launch your run. See your reaction time, speed, and run time. Record the run, and do it again. Track your improvements. Compare to your friends. Now you have quick, easy proof that you’re the best.

Acceleration test. How fast is fast? Use DashDAQ to quickly record your vehicle’s 0-60 acceleration time. Has your investment in performance parts made a difference? Now you’ll know.

Braking Test. Sometimes you gotta stop, and it had better be now. Test your 60-0 time and save the results. Do those new tires grab better? Does your brake system need work? Compare and find out.

Horsepower and Torque Dyno. How much power are you making? Use DashDAQ to grab data from the factory computer and calculate horsepower in real-time. Make improvements and watch the results. Have DashDAQ capture the results to repeat later.

User definable Tests. Got a specific test that you want to run? DashDAQ lets you customize your own tests. Set the start and stop distances or speeds that you want. It’s up to you.


DashDAQ Data Logging


Log months of data. Need more than a snapshot of vehicle data? Use DashDAQ to store days, weeks and months of what your vehicle is doing. DashDAQ captures hundreds of samples per second. Good thing memory cards come in large sizes!


Forgot to press record?
That’s OK. DashDAQ’s circular buffer captures data even before you press the record button. Experienced a vehicle problem? Start the log now. Missed a great quarter-mile? Press DashDAQ’s record button at the end!


Combine Signals
. Have DashDAQ capture multiple signals and write them all in a single time-stamped log file. Pick from over 2000 different parameters coming from factory ECUs and after-market systems. Click here to see the list of expansion networks that DashDAQ supports.


Analyze your data. Playback your logs on DashDAQ’s screen, or view the logs on a PC. Save data to your PC in your favorite format. Wondering where the vehicle has been? Import the data into Google Earth and see for yourself. You might be surprised!



Additional Screen Shots:




Zeitronix Enhanced Data List

The DashDAQ now supports the Zeitronix ZT-2 air/fuel module datastream. The ZT-2 datastream provides 74 updates per second.

You can plug this into DashDAQ's expansion connector and log several parameters:

  1. Air/fuel ratio from the wideband O2 sensor
  2. Exhaust gas temperature
  3. Engine RPM
  4. Manifold absolute pressure
  5. Throttle position
  6. Analog voltage on a 0-5 volt input




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