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Silicone Reinforced Transition Hoses

These transition hoses allow you to adapt between two different sizes of pipes. Step up or step down from the stock intercooler, turbo inlets, compressor outlets and intercoolers. All hose sizes are measured by inside diameter, 2" ID hose fits 2" OD tubing for example.

Specify color!
adapters-red.jpg (22748 bytes)adapters-blue.jpg (27399 bytes)

Inside Diameter Part Number: (Add RED, BLU Or BLK to the part number to specify color)  Price
2.0" to 2.25" HOSE-200-214 $18
2.0" to 2.5" HOSE-200-212 $20
2.0" to 3.0" HOSE-200-300
2.25" to 2.5" HOSE-214-212 $20
2.25" to 3.0" HOSE-214-300 $22
2.5" to 3.0" HOSE-212-300 $22
2.75" to 3.0" HOSE-234-300 $22
2.5" to 2.75" HOSE-212-234-BLK    Only $20
2.5" to 3.25" (Used for GM MAF Translator) HOSE-212-314-BLK    Only $22
2.5" to 3.5" (Used for GM MAF Translator) HOSE-212-312-BLK     Only $22


3" to 3.25" HOSE-300-314-BLK    Only $22
3" to 3.50"  HOSE-300-312-BLK    Only $22
  3" to 3.75" HOSE-300-334-BLK    Only  $22
  3" to 4" HOSE-300-400-BLK    Only $22



Silicone Reinforced Hump Hoses

Silicone hump hose allows for expansion and movement between pipes. By allowing a little flex in things you have less chance of pulling connections loose and there is less stress on the rest of the piping. They also allow for slight misalignment between pipes. Specify color!

 Now available in Red, Blue and Black.

humphose-redshort.jpg (23536 bytes)humphose-blue.jpg (19180 bytes)

Inside Diameter Part Number Price
2.0" HOSE-H-200      RED/BLU/BLK $20
2.25" HOSE-H-214      RED/BLU/BLK $22
2.37" (60mm) HOSE-H-238      RED/BLU/BLK $23
2 1/2" HOSE-H-212      RED/BLU/BLK $25
3" HOSE-H-300      RED/BLU/BLK $26


Silicone Hose and Couplings

Top quality high-strength, high-temperature hose couplings. Multi layered fluro-silicone with fiberglass reinforcement.  Additional sizes and lengths are available. Silicone Hose, Heavy Duty.      Specify color! Now available in Red, Blue and Black.  If no color is given, black will be sent by default.

  Inch Pricing Price per Foot 
Inside Diameter Part Number Price Part Number Price
2.0" HOSE-SIL-200 $2 HOSE-SIL-F-200 $20
2.25" HOSE-SIL-214 $2.20 HOSE-SIL-F-214 $22
2.37" (60mm) HOSE-SIL-238 $2.40 HOSE-SIL-F-238 $24
2.5" HOSE-SIL-212 $2.50 HOSE-SIL-F-212 $25
2.75" HOSE-SIL-234 $2.50 HOSE-SIL-F-234 $25
3.0" HOSE-SIL-300 $2.60 HOSE-SIL-F-300 $26



Nitrile/SBR Rubber Hose
Black 3 ply reinforced rubber hose for intercooler pipe connections. 
Inside Diameter Part Number Price per Foot
2" HOSE-RBR-200 $12
2 1/4" HOSE-RBR-214 $13
2 3/8" HOSE-RBR-238 $14
2 1/2" HOSE-RBR-212 $15
3" HOSE-RBR-300 $17
3 1/2" HOSE-RBR-312 $20
3 3/4" HOSE-RBR-334 $22
4" HOSE-RBR-400 $24
4 1/2" HOSE-RBR-412 $27

More information and pics to help you choose between rubber hose or silicone hose here.


Silicone Vacuum/Boost Source Hose

Thick wall silicone hose withstands heat much better than the stock rubber hoses
Plus the pretty colors look dope and impress all the girlies ;-) 

For use as boost and vacuum hose, not for pressurized water lines. 
OK for coolant overflow and breather hoses.  NOT FOR FUEL LINES!!
For discount pricing, mix and match any size and colors for total length.


Black available in all sizes

Availability of Blue/ Red/Yellow/ Silver is limited  to the sizes below:

Red    10mm

Silver 10mm

Blue    8mm

Purple 6mm

Yellow 6mm

Yellow 4mm


Inside Diameter Price per Foot 
4mm $2.00
6mm $3.00
8mm $3.50
10mm $4.50

Tuning Tip: Red is a good color for all around performance, however with a big turbo blue gets upwards of 10 hp, unless you have stock cams, then only 5 hp. Purple is best for bottom end power, mix with red for excellent mid-range. For NT cars, shift all recommendations one hue towards a warmer color. Yellow hose should only be used on high compression NTs or turbo cars with welded differentials. Proper Sticker Tuning can be a successful work around for any of these concerns. ;-P


For kits that include enough hose to replace the vacuum hoses on the average DSM, 
See: The Larson Hose Kit


Heavy Duty Hose Clamps


Screw Type
These high torque worm drive clamps make T-bolt clamps unnecessary. The band is 5/8" wide  304 stainless steel, the screw is 410 Stainless. They can be tightened to 80 inch pounds. These are the clamps we use in all our piping kits. 
clamp-hd-std.jpg (16029 bytes)
Heavy Duty clamp on the left, 
standard clamp on the right
Clamp Range Dia Best  For Hose: Part Number Price ea.
1 3/4" to 2 5/8" 2" CLAMP-HDC-200 $3.50
2 1/4" to 3 1/8" 2 1/4 -2 1/2" CLAMP-HDC-225 $4.50
2 3/4" to 3 5/8" 3" CLAMP-HDC-300 $5.00
2 3/4" to 3 5/8" 4" CLAMP-HDC-400 $5.00



Mikalor T-Bolt Clamps

clamps-tbolt.jpg (24201 bytes)

Mikalor Supra W2 series T-Bolt hose clamps are the highest quality toughest T-Bolt hose clamps in the world. The Supra W2 series have a revolutionary design that makes it impossible to lose the trunnion and nut. The clamps use a unique swiveling bridge that make them easy to install and remove on installed parts.

The stainless steel band features a beveled edge to prevent damage to the hose and your fingers! The knurled head bolt wont work loose and is grade 8.8 zinc plated steel.

These clamps have a fairly narrow clamping range so please check the outside diameter of your hose carefully.  

Clamp Range Inches/MM Best  For Hose: Part Number Price ea.
2 5/32" to 2 5/16" 55-59 2" CLAMP-T-200 $8.00
2 11/16" to 2 7/8" 68-73 2 1/4" CLAMP-T-225 $8.00
2 7/8" to 3 1/8" 73-79 2 1/2" CLAMP-T-250 $8.50
3 3/32" to 3 9/16" 85-91 3" CLAMP-T-300 $9.00



Larson Colored Silicone Hose Kit. 

These colored silicone hoses withstand heat much better than the stock rubber hoses. The kit includes enough 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm hose to replace all the vacuum hoses, the coolant over flow hose, boost control hoses and blow off valve hoses to fit the average car. . 1G cars use a lot more 4mm hose so the price is a bit higher. They are not for use as water lines or fuel lines. You remove  each stock hose, one at a time and replace it with the silicone hose. You cut to length.

Available in Black, Silver, Red, and Blue. Specify color.
Sorry Yellow is discontinued 


  1G  Turbo, GVR-4  $49      1G NT $40      2G Turbo,$30

   2g Non-Turbo  $ 40

The Larson Hose Kit Story by

Aaron Larson

2gntsillyhose02.jpg (30535 bytes)



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