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Fluidyne Aluminum Radiators

This thicker core radiator is a significant cooling upgrade for those cars that are running on the edge. These are a direct bolt in upgrade radiator. The stock fans bolt right up.

1G Fluidyne (Turbo and NT) $430
2G Fluidyne (Turbo and NT)     $430

fluidyne-1g.jpg (82606 bytes)


SPAL Slim Radiator fans

SPAL makes some of the nicest fans we've seen. They are much thinner than stock and flow very well. We carry a variety of sizes and flow rates. You will need to splice in the wiring connector. Brackets are easily made with a strip of aluminum to bolt to the stock fan mounting location or the body.

"Push" means that the fan is in front of the radiator, pushing the air through. "Pull" means that the fan mounts on the motor side of the radiator and it pulls the air through the radiator.  You want the thickest and highest flowing fan that you can fit in there.


Flow  Flow Height Width Thick Price
11" Push 810 CFM 12.2" 11.57" 2.05" $68
11" Pull 810 CFM 12.2" 11.57" 2.05" $68
11" Push 970 CFM 12.2" 11.57" 2.48" $110
11" Pull 970 CFM 12.2" 11.57" 2.48" $115
12" Pull 870 CFM 13.23" 12.64" 2.05" $75
12" Pull 1230 CFM 13.23" 12.64" 2.48"  $105
12"  Push  1360 CFM 13.28" 12.64" 3.39"  $125
12" Pull 1360 CFM 13.28" 12.64" 3.39" $125
12" Push 1630 CFM 13.03" 13.03" 3.7" $160
12" Pull 1630 CFM 13.03" 13.03" 3.7" $160

OEM Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit 

Includes a new oil pump stub shaft, inserts for blocking oil flow  to where the old bearings were, and a seal for the front balance shaft. Removing the balance shafts will free up 8-12 Hp.

1G/2g/Evo8/9 BSE Kit (Turbo and NT) $69

  • More HP to the wheels
  • Zero chance the B-Belt will fail and kill the timing belt
  • Zero chance the balance shaft bearings will fail and damage the rest of the motor
  • More oil pressure to the rest of the motor


  • More vibration is felt in side the car (no more is made, just more is felt)
  • Every car is different, some motors are more balanced than others. It is no worse that any other 2.0 liter car with out balance shafts


To install the kit, you will need to also remove the entire oil pump assy to gain access to the balance shafts. You need to knock out the balance shaft bearings and press in the new bearing shell with the oil hole blocked off. To get the balance shafts out you need to remove the DP, oil pan, the transfer case and drop the motor down by removing two motor mounts and loosening the other two. Even if you are already doing a timing belt, there is still lots of additional work, but they do come with instructions. You will also need the oil pump gasket and the oil filter housing gasket for your year vehicle. The oil pan goes back on with grey silicone. It is a full weekend job laying under the car with oil dripping on your face for the average guy doing it at home with the motor in the car.

ARP Engine Bolts

We need to know if you  have an early (6 bolt crank) or late (7 bolt crank) motor. Generally the date cut off is May of '92 but with so many cars built just before and just after that date, also a potential motor swap over the years, you need to actually go look. Check at vfaq.com to find out for sure.

ARP Cylinder Head Studs 6 Bolt 4G63 Motor $125
ARP Cylinder Head Studs 7 Bolt 4G63 Motor $125
ARP Main Crankshaft Bolts All 4G63 Motors $65
ARP Connecting Rod Bolts 6 Bolt 4G63 Motor $43
ARP Connecting Rod Bolts 7 Bolt 4G63 Motor $43

Swirl Polished Stainless Steel Valves

Available in standard size and 1mm oversize. These features an undercut stem in the port area. In addition to reducing the valve weight (which provides benefits in opening rate and RPM limits) the radius of the head is such that is significantly improves air/fuel flow. These are perfect for use with stock heads, as well as ported heads. Fully swirl polished. Chromed valve stems and hardened Stellite tips.

Consult your machine shop before buying the 1mm oversize valves. Some (not all) may not be comfortable with using the original seats. Installing oversized seats can get really expensive.

1mm Oversized Swirl Polished 
Black Nitrate Coated 
$229/set of 16
Standard Size Swirl Polished  Valves $225/set of 16

Stock Replacement OEM Valves

$10 Each

These are standard size and the same as stock valves. Stainless steel exhaust valves and steel intake valves. These are available individually, you don't need to buy a full set if you only need a couple. $8 each for either intake or exhaust valves.

Manganese-Bronze Valve Guides

These are OE replacements. Sold individually. Please specify intake or exhaust when ordering.

$9 Each

Viton Rubber Valve Seals

Will outlast OE style seals. Goes well with our Maganese-Bronze Valve Guides. Sold individually but we recommend replacing all 16.

$27/set of 8
$42/Set of 16

Factory Metal Head Gasket


This Mitsubishi factory head gasket is similar in construction to the HKS multi layer steel head gasket. It is thicker (lowering your compression ratio a touch) but it is perfect for a motor with a resurfaced block and head to get the geometry correct.

Mitsubishi 4G63 Stock Head Gasket


This is the dead stock composite factory head head gasket for the 1G and 2G 4G63. Brand new from Mitsubishi, not aftermarket.

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