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"No Name Clutch"

Back in the day when 2G Eclipses had their crankshaft thrust bearings dieing faster than Mitsubishi could fix them, we had an idea. When the poor customer took his car back in for warranty service, the dealer would point to the aftermarket clutch and say "That there purdy painted clutch dun kilt your crank mister, certainly not MMSA's shoddy machining and poor design" ... Bitches.

When pressed for how much thrust bearing load a stock clutch had, how much thrust bearing load was too much, how much thrust bearing load the painted pressure plate on the car had, the service manager and anyone from MMSA just gave us a blank stare. But it was hard to argue with them with that big yellow, orange, white, or purple painted clutch staring everyone in the face.

Why couldn't the the aftermarket clutch manufacturers just sell us a clutch that wasn't painted pretty? Well we asked them all. None would. Mostly because of their brand awareness and identity. They were afraid that some shop would sell a stock clutch that was unpainted and claim it was a performance clutch and a customer somewhere would get pissed. I didn't take no for an answer and kept shopping my idea around. 

Well fast forward several years and now we have one. I have a friend with a machine shop that did a lot of custom clutches. We started collaborating and came up with a nice design. Now he is partnered with a major friction material manufacturer and we have access to some pretty trick stuff.

We have been building these for the DSMs for a few years now. First we built 10, tweaked them a little, then another 10, added a reinforcing ring, made another 10, changed the disc, made another 10, changed the clamp load, made another 10, changed the friction material... We have built and sold and installed over 100 of these now and are settled on a design. Basically we took the best features from all of the favored clutches and came up with a combination that we liked. The local So Cal DSM guys know it well and ask for this clutch, some call it the "X-clutch" because it has no name, we just call it a "No Name" clutch. We only recently added it to the web site. 

The problem for these DSM guys is that by the time we got this made and tested, all the 2Gs were long out of warranty. The stealth abilities of the clutch were not needed anymore. Here is where the EVO guys get the pay off from all of this. While you don't have the crankshaft thrust bearing failure problem to deal with, plenty of you are having too much fun with all that traction and busting up your trannies and front differentials. While the goons at MMSA will point to the slightest heat marks on your flywheel and blame you for "racing" your factory built race car, at least you wont be giving them the additional ammunition to void your warranty of a pretty painted clutch pressure plate. 

We have an EVO clutch now for you that is 3,000 lbs clamp load, looks stock (no paint) and has a smooth engaging heavy duty organic disc. We use this same clutch in our 500 hp shop EVO.  The price is in line with all of the other single disc clutches or cheaper. It includes a throw out bearing too. Call it what you want... No Name Clutch, X-Clutch, Stealth Clutch. 

RRE 3,000 Lb No Name Clutch Kit 

Pressure Plate Only 

Disc Only

T/O Bearing Only 





disc-noname-stock.jpg (226883 bytes) The heavy duty organic disc has a strong hub with 6 rivets, 6 dual springs, and a steel backed high temperature friction material.
frictionmaterial-noname-stock.jpg (418998 bytes) Our disc on the left, stock disc on the right.
noname-kit.jpg (195438 bytes) Kit includes the pressure plate, disc and throw out bearing. 
noname-pressureplate.jpg (182476 bytes) Pressure plate looks stock but has 3,000 lbs clamp load vs. 2,200 lbs that the stock EVO 8 clutch has.

Additional Stuff...

Flywheel Resurfacing

You will need to resurface the flywheel or get possibly get an aluminum flywheel. With the DSMs you will hear of horror stories of difficulty getting the flywheel resurfaced to the correct step height. That is a DSM thing only. EVOs use a flat flywheel with no step. While you will still want it done at a machine shop that knows what the hell they are doing, it isn't super critical like the DSM guys had to deal with. 

Light Flywheels

Ask the Peanut Gallery on your local message board about using a lightweight flywheel and some ex-honda boy will chime in that you will loose horsepower or torque with a light flywheel. WTF? Wrong. While you will need to slightly adjust your launch technique with a lighter flywheel, you will not loose torque or horsepower. A flywheel simply stores energy. The mass of spinning steel just makes it a little easier for your mom to get the car moving with out stalling the motor. The stock EVO flywheel is already fairly light at 14.4 lbs.  . With less horsepower used to get the flywheel spinning, that leaves more horsepower available to get the car moving down the road. Since our cars have plenty of power to spare, you don't need the stored energy of a heavy flywheel to get your EVO moving.

There isn't enough material to safely lighten a stock flywheel. If you have something against light flywheels, we also keep new stock flywheels in stock. They are $200. 

Gear Oil

We prefer BG Syncroshift. We use the regular stuff, not the more expensive synthetic BG Syncroshift II. You need three quarts to refill the transmission. If the internet told you that you need the BG Syncroshift II, we do stock it but BG wants bucks for it... $16 a quart!. 3 quarts of regular BG Syncroshift  is $29 if you want it.

If you are happy with the way your tranny shifts and you have relatively new gear oil, it isn't totally necessary to change the gear oil. But most people do it at the same time as a clutch install because the tranny oil has to be drained at the time the transmission is removed to install the clutch. You might as well put in new oil, but we wont put a gun to your head and make you spend the cash if you don't want to.  Same goes with the transfer case. For that we use Red Line Shockproof gear oil. $9 for a quart of that.





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Credit Card Usage and Shipping Info


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