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Installation tips:


The ThreeSpeed EVO VIII SSSS uses 5 mounting point for added strength.

-         Front and rear transmission mounts

-         Three transmission to engine block points


The stainless steel scatter shield (SSSS) and its brackets were installed in such a way to make shipping easier. Remove all the hardware and brackets before you attempt to install the SSSS.


Remove as much as you can from the engine bay to make room for the task ahead. The more you can get out of the way the easier it will be to install the SSSS. If you are ready for a clutch upgrades this is the time to do it.


Figure 1 Remove wire harness holder from shifter cable bracket as shown.



Remove the bolt shown and reinstall so that it hold the bracket as show in the picture above. Also remove the top bolt from the rear transmission mount and replace it with the supplied 10.9 hardened 12mm bolt and washer.




Reinstall the shifter cable bracket and only the bottom shifter cable for now.


Remove the two transmission to block bolts and slip the shield in making sure you align all the holes up. The 12 mm you installed thru the rear mount should fit through the hole in the back of the SSSS. Double check the hole in the bracket that you installed earlier to make sure it lines up with the hole on SSSS tab. If it doesn’t line up move the bracket so that it does. Replace the top two transmission to engine block bolts.






Keep them loose until you are sure everything lines up. Install the supplied washer, lock washer and bolt through the installed bracket and SSSS tab. Small hands really help here.

Install the supplied washer and jam nut to the 12 mm you installed through the rear transmission mount, at the back of the SSSS.

(Remember to use Locktite everywhere)



Figure 2 Water pipe fitment


Replace the top shifter cable and move on to the front transmission mount.



Remove the top bolt from the mount and install the bracket with bolt you just removed and the remaining hardware that came with the SSSS.


Now go over every bolt and nut to make sure they are tight (Remember to use Locktite everywhere).






Order Form

Credit Card Usage and Shipping Info


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