Injen "Cold Air" Intake Install

The Injen "Cool Air" intake is necessary for Eclipses equipped with the SporTronic transmission. The automatic transmissions are much larger and the shifting mechanism gets in the way of any filter or piping  that would sit up higher.  It can also be used on the 5 speed cars as an option. 

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injen-coolair-stockpartsremoved.jpg (375099 bytes) All the stock parts are removed. The Air box, the bracket, and the intake pipe.
injen-coolair-wirefreedup.jpg (352532 bytes) We had to free up some of the wire harness that runs to the air flow meter. This allowed it to reach more easily down to where the air flow meter will sit. 
injen-coolair-clampbracket.jpg (326376 bytes) Pre assembling the adapter and pipe to the air flow meter. Note the location of the 90 degree bracket that slips under the hose clamp.
injen-coolair-partsassembled.jpg (350735 bytes) The long 90 degree bracket is then bolted to the short bracket. The air flow meter sits so that the plug and box part are at the top. 
injen-coolair-bracketinstalled.jpg (403358 bytes) We slipped the whole assembly down into the hole with the air filter not yet installed. We left the radiator fan on but it would have been easier to slip it down in there with the fan off. 

We slid the filter onto the adapter after the pipe was in place and then tightened the clamp. 

injen-coolair-hoseattb.jpg (387186 bytes) Put the hose onto the throttle body.
injen-coolair-latthrottlebody.jpg (356567 bytes) The pipe is clamped into the hose connector.
injen-coolair-connectpipe.jpg (360661 bytes) Fit the two pipes together with the other hose connector. 
injen-coolair-lookingdown.jpg (308717 bytes) Looking down on the pipe and bracket as it is installed.
injen-coolair-hoseconnect.jpg (371956 bytes) Install the hose for the breather.
injen-coolair-howlowitgo.jpg (297721 bytes)  A view of where the filter sits. It is right behind the fake grill slits on the corner of the bumper. Yes it sits low, but that is where the cool air is. Water is a concern but should not be a problem. DO NOT go wading through flooded intersections. Water spray form driving in the rain wont be a problem. There are splash shields to protect from water thrown up from the road. Some moisture will not affect the filter or air flow meter.  


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